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APC Line interactive Smart-UPS Guide

If you’re looking for reliable power protection solutions that go beyond just battery backup, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s fast-paced digital age, where downtime can have a significant impact on productivity and critical systems, investing in a robust uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential for both businesses and individuals alike.

APC, an established leader in UPS technology, have proved their commitment to excellence with their Line Interactive Smart-UPS These UPS systems combine the benefits of battery backup with advanced features that go beyond mere power supply backup. The Line Interactive Smart-UPS range offers intelligent monitoring, voltage regulation, surge protection, and much more.

Their Smart-UPS models have been built to address a wide range of different needs and budgets, coming in sizes from 420VA to 5kVA and a variety of different features to address your power problems. Together lets explore the different UPS models available to help you find the UPS that is the right fit for you!

Matching Needs and Models

Entry Level SMC Standard SMT Extended Run SMX
Ideal for… • Home and small businesses
• Entry level servers or point of sale equipment.
• IT managers or network administrators
• Servers, network switches or gateways.
• IT and telecom managers
• Critical application servers, VoIP gateways and security devices.
Who needs… Protect your data and equipment with an affordable and compatible UPS! Get class leading protection against costly downtime caused by common power distubances. Keep your equipment running for hours during power outages with a extended run UPS.
Our product is… An entry level Smart-UPS
Provide yourself with peace of mind with proven reliability.
The world’s most popular network manageable UPS
Achieve reliability and availability with a UPS that is trusted by millions
A Scalable runtime Smart-UPS
Get high availability for your critical equipment.
Key feature… Pure sine wave output This is the benchmark to measure all other UPS Can handle 10 external battery packs for even longer availability!


How to choose the right Smart-UPS?

Step 1 – Consider your application
We all have different needs and capacities for a UPS model. Ask yourself:
• What type of equipment do you need to protect?
• Do you know the power requirements (load, type of receptacles, etc) of your equipment?
• How do you intend to install and manage your UPS?

Step 2 – Use APC’s UPS Selector
To help you find the perfect APC UPS, Schneider Electric have created a handy tool to help you out. APC’s UPS Selector tool can be found here for a shortcut to finding your perfect UPS!

Step 3 – Contact us!
For any other questions, give us a call on 0800 488 0000 to speak to one of our team. They can share their knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choice!

Other UPS Considerations:

  • Load size (VA or watts)
  • Form factor (rack, tower, or convertible)
  • Runtime required (minutes or hours)
  • Input on-site and receptacles required
  • Graceful shutdown needs (single server or multiple networked devices)
  • Accessories (Management cards, maintenance bypass, warranty, etc)


Smart-UPS Features

Entry Level SMC Standard SMT Extended Run SMX
Best Price Best Value Best Performance
• Pure Sine-wave Output
• Software for management and OS shutdown
• USB and serial communication ports
• Highly efficient green operating mode
• LCD Display with status LEDs
• Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
• Rugged sheet metal construction
APC Smart-UPS SMC header image APC Smart-UPS Sale header image APC Smart-UPS Sale header image
• Extended Range AVR boost and Trim
• Configurable LCD Display
• Switched outlet group
• Rack mount rails included (RM SKUs)
• Smart-Slot for accessories
• 3 Year-limited warranty
APC Smart-UPS SMT image APC Smart-UPS Sale header image
• Rack/Tower Convertibility
• Scalable runtime with intelligent packs
• Switched Outlet Groups (up to 3)
• Emergency power off (EPO) – standard
• Models with network cards pre-installed
APC Smart-UPS SMX image

Best Price – This is the lowest priced APC Smart-UPS series with minimum additional features and availability.

Best Value – Whilst not the cheapest option, the features and availability on offer at the price of this UPS makes it the best value Smart-UPS on offer.

Best Performance – The SMX Smart-UPS models may cost you a little bit more, but they offer the best UPS performance with high levels of features and system availability.

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