The term PDU stands for Power Distribution Unit (PDU). This device distributes AC power to equipment by using multiple outputs. Basic PDUs, also referred to as power strips, offer flexibility in placement. A step above the basic PDU is the metered PDU that monitors and displays the aggregate current travelling through the device. It allows network managers to monitor energy consumption on-site, in the mission-critical environment. These power distribution units offer varying levels of local usage monitoring, as well as features such as surge protection and mixed sockets. At the next level is the monitored PDU with remote monitoring capabilities. The highest category of PDU includes the advanced Switched PDU models, which allow individual outlets to be remotely monitored and controlled using the SNMP protocol, secure Web browser or other access methods.

Rack PDU Distributes Power to Network Devices

A rack PDU is mounted in a standard IT equipment rack. The dimensions of a rack mount PDU allow the units to be placed in close proximity to racked devices, supporting appropriately distributed power to computers and peripherals. Additional vertical and horizontal PDU designs allow for wall mounting or placement on the side of a rack. A range of rack mount and cabinet PDU options are available.

Switched PDU Offers Remote Management

Efficient IT environments benefit from switched PDUs which feature remote management. The term switched, in this case, refers to controlling the power of individual outlets on the power distribution unit. Remote activations, reboots, and shutdowns are easily performed on or off the site. Devices can be shut down at scheduled times and sequentially. Switched Rack PDUs also alert administrators to circuit overloads before they occur. The intelligent switched device with remote management is an asset during emergencies. View our PDU Input Connectors and PDU Output Connectors.

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