D-Link Company Information and History

A review of D-Link company information and history will provide details about an award-winning organisation that develops comprehensive network solutions. Founded in 1986 as Datex, the company is now a global connectivity leader, providing products for homes, businesses, enterprise environments, and service providers. In 2001, an innovating D-Link emerged as one of the first developers to release IEEE 802.11a 5GHz Wireless LAN products. In 1990, the company introduced its 10BASE-T Ethernet hub. D-Link wireless access points, modems and routers are manufactured for home and office. The company offers an array of professional environment products, including:

  • Switching
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • IP surveillance devices

D-Link unified network solutions allow for the integration of these network elements, along with broadband and storage.

D-Link Switches Support High Bandwidth

Performance is the key to D-Link switches. Scalable smart switches from D-Link are distinguished by their flexible management features and advanced security capabilities. D-link unmanaged switches meet the requirements of smaller networks, while supporting full duplex operation, Quality of Service, and reliable data transfers. D-Link managed switches offer affordable businesses solutions with the potential for future growth. Models are available to support 10-Gigabit Ethernet and high bandwidth demands.

D-Link Mini-Adapters and IP Surveillance Systems

Interconnectivity is a feature of both the D-Link mini-adapters and IP surveillance systems. D-Link designs IP cameras, network switches and video storage devices that can be integrated flexibly. D-Link IP surveillance products are designed to be part of scalable, end-to-end systems. Connectivity continues with D-Link Powerline mini-adapters. With these components, a simple electrical outlet can extend the home network connection. Plugging in a compact D-Link adapter creates options for convenient Internet access.

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