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This article defines and explains rack unit (U) measurements used in data centers. It covers the basics of U measurements, their standardization, and how they are applied to rack-mounted equipment.

Key Takeaways:

  • A “U” is a unit of measurement for vertical space in server racks.
  • 1U = 1.75 inches or 4.445 cm.
  • Rack-mounted devices are sized in U’s, with 1U devices requiring one unit of space, 2U devices requiring two units, and so on.

Q: What is a rack unit (U)?

A: A rack unit (U) is a unit of measurement for the vertical space available in a server rack or cabinet. It is standardized to 1.75 inches, allowing for consistent sizing of rack-mounted equipment.

When looking at any piece of rack-mounted server equipment, such as network switches, server racks, rackmount pdus, etc. you would have come across a descriptive term such as ‘1u’.

This refers to a unit of measurement of the space within a server rack or server cabinet. Rack-mountable hardware is manufactured according to the number of total ‘U’s, or rack units, that the equipment will require in the data rack/cabinet.

The IT industry’s use of ‘U’ as a unit of measure to designate racks and rack-mounted equipment stems from the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) standard unit for specifying rack height. It denotes the vertical space available for a rack-mounted device. Racks, cabinet spaces, and as a result the devices that fit in them are all measured in the space units, hence ‘U’. The size of a rack mountable device will often be specified in a numerical + ‘U’ value. A device that requires one-rack unit of space is designated as ‘1U’, while a device requiring two rack unit spaces will be designated ‘2U’, and so on.

How ‘U’ units are worked out is by the space between the shelves of a server rack that is available for the installation of a device. So ‘1U’ actually corresponds to a height of 1.75 inches or 4.445 cm.

Also, in some cases, the measurement of vertical rack space may be referred to as an ‘RU’, which simply means rack unit.

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‘U’ is a unit of measurement for the standardised amount of designated vertical space that either a rack itself contains, or that a rackmount devices will require. For example, a 30U server rack will provide 30 units (or rack units) of space, while a 3U device will occupy three units of designated rack chassis space.

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