The Cisco StackWise technology is used to link multiple switches and establish a single switching unit. StackWise unites separate fixed-configuration switches into one logical switching stack. The technology supports voice, video, and Gigabit Ethernet applications. Each switch within the stack shares routing and configuration information. When Cisco StackWise capabilities are used, additional switches can be installed into a working switch stack without impact to performance. Switch removals can also be conducted without service problems. Every individual switch that is a stack member has access to the total bandwidth.

The StackWise Master Switch

With StackWise, a single switching stack is managed by one StackWise master switch. The master switch is chosen from the connected switches. It has the ability to perform updates for all the switching. Cisco StackWise technology unites up to nine switches. The master switch manages each of these devices. Any member within the stacked unit can be the master switch. StackWise links Cisco Catalyst 3750 series switches into stacked units that are more easily deployed and managed.

StackWise Plus Cables and Software

Another Cisco technology, called StackWise Plus, emerged from StackWise. The Plus mechanisms utilise the Cisco Catalyst 3750-E and Cisco 3750-X switches. The 3750X switches are scalable, enterprise-level stackable switches. With both StackWise and StackWise Plus, switches can be connected into one logical stack using specialised cables and software. Both the Cisco StackWise and StackWise Plus technologies were developed to unite switches while increasing a network’s resiliency. Comms Express representatives are knowledgeable about Cisco stackable technologies. See our guide to stackable switches.