We are a happy bunch here at Comms Express, but we’re never happier when we hear that a valued supplier informs us of a wonderful innovation; which we, in turn, can tell you – just spreading the happiness!

The technological update comes from our friends at Axis. As many of you will know Axis are a supplier of IP Camera Solutions and the market leader in video management software.

Excitingly Axis have announced great news for those who rely on IP Solutions for security purposes. The Axis compression technology is called Zipstream.

Zipstream reduces the users’ storage requirements using compression to condense the file sizes without compromising the quality of stored video footage. Axis have told us that Zipstream is fully compatible with the H.264 compression standard and “reduces storage requirements by an average 50 per cent or more in video surveillance applications”. As I am sure you’ll appreciate, the ability to extend memory card storage time is a huge saving and will reduce costs considerably.

General manager for Axis Communications, Fredrik Nilsson was understandably delighted with the advent of Zipstream  “Demand for better image quality has been met with higher resolutions, frame rates and increased low-light performance. But these advancements have also increased the requirements on the network and storage infrastructure, often forcing users to choose between image quality and storage. Leveraging the network camera’s video compression engine, Axis’ Zipstream technology can drastically reduce bandwidth and storage needs without compromising important image details.”

Zipstream analyses and optimises the network camera’s video stream in real time. Scenes containing interesting details are recorded in full image quality and resolution while other areas are filtered out to optimally use available bandwidth and storage. Important forensic details such as faces, tattoos or license plates are isolated and preserved, while irrelevant areas such as white walls, lawns and vegetation are sacrificed by smoothing in order to achieve better storage savings.


The Axis technology is already built into Buffalo NAS Solutions, and Axis is making available its Zipstream technology on the existing network cameras AXIS Q1615, AXIS Q1635 and in the AXIS Q35 Series, via firmware updates. The first new products with Axis’ Zipstream installed are planned to be AXIS M1124/-E, AXIS M1125/-E and AXIS P1365/-E fixed network cameras, and AXIS P3224-LV/-LVE and AXIS P3225-LV/-LVE fixed dome network cameras.

You can glean further details here on this wonderful innovation.

So as we said a great innovation, with a great name to boot – Zipstream!

Until next time…