< (Mac)never leave your computer open season for your colleagues to have fun with when your back is turned

Rename files:

  • F2 (Windows)
  • Return (Mac) couldn’t be any easier simply choose a new name for a file.

Toggle between programs:

  • Alt + Tab (Windows)
  • Command + Tab (Mac) a must for multitaskers out there, this shortcut allows you to switch between apps.

Find a row in a spreadsheet:

  • Shift + Space (Windows and Mac). Great way to find a row in a spreadsheet.

Paste as plain text:

  • Ctrl + Shift + V (Windows)
  • Command + Shift + V (Mac) a great way of copying and pasting and only the text appears not the complete web page.

So the above are just a few Shortcuts for you. Do you have anymore great ones you care to share? We would love to hear some of your favourite computer shortcuts; or that said maybe if you’ve got some life shortcuts you’d like to share with us. We’re give to receive!!

Until next time.