The LinkSprinter from FLUKE Networks

validate network connectivity in less than 10 seconds.’

We are surrounded by winning products here at Comms Express, and we are delighted to say that we have added another product we are sure you’re going to love: the new FLUKE Networks LinkSprinter!

The LinkSprinter is the new network tester from our friends at FLUKE. As we know FLUKE has long been THE name in network and cable/wiring testers. A provider of market-leading products for cable and wireless installation testing and network connectivity troubleshooting our clients have always trusted them.

So when FLUKE asked us if we would like to look at a new product they were launching, we were intrigued. To use an Oscar-winning line ‘they had us at …’ (Jerry Maguire for those non-film buffs!) their tagline ‘validate network connectivity in less than 10 seconds.’

Here at Comms, we are always on the lookout for products that will make our clients, busy professionals lives easier, so when we heard FLUKE tell us that their latest product can ‘validate network connectivity in less than 10 seconds’ – it’s a tagline worth repeating! – we were in!

We shall get into some technical details of the LinkSprinter range a little later, but aside from the tagline, the other innovation is that the Ethernet tester is pocket-sized, so wonderfully portable and convenient. With its one-button auto-test design, Smartphone integration, and automatic cloud storage of test data, LinkSprinter helps the PC and frontline teams, service providers and other consumers identify, document, store and remedy Ethernet problems from the palm of their hand.

So let’s get into some detail about the LinkSprinter.

The new LinkSprinter range provides complete end-to-end network connectivity testing, Smartphone integration, and automated cloud-based reporting all with the touch of a button and at a price point that fits any IT budget.

Okay price point, always a significant consideration.

The entry point is just £143. There are three models available: the 100, the 200 and the 300.

LinkSprinter 100 – only £143.00

For the technician who doesn’t need to fuss with the details immediately – your results are sent straight to the cloud for the network engineer or later review.

  • Cloud-based management system
  • Battery/Power over Ethernet (PoE) operated
  • One-button, tri-state LED interface

LinkSprinter 200 – only £214.00

Quick and straightforward network testing for the advanced troubleshooting professional – with the added benefit of having immediate access to your in-depth test results from any mobile device, anywhere!

  • Embedded Wi-Fi access point for real-time data using a mobile device
  • Cloud-based management system
  • Battery/PoE operated
  • One-button, tri-state LED interface

LinkSprinter 300 – only £286.00

Offers all the benefits of LinkSprinter200 +

  • Diagnose and test (PoE), Link to the switch, DHCP, Gateway, and Internet connection.
  • Get VLAN, switch name, and port information via CDP/LLDP/EDP for your managed switches. Expert network troubleshooting techniques delivered to colour graded LEDs. All test results are sent to the Link-Live
  • Cloud Service. Get detailed test results sent directly to your email – Throw away your hand-scribbled notes. Use LinkSprinter’s Cloud Service to store, manage, analyse, email & annotate network test results; then generate custom reports.
  • Network test results can be sent directly to your email
  • Annotate test results
  • Manage, sort and analyse network test results
  • Filter results by time, user, network, errors
  • Generate custom reports
  • Configure test parameters
  • Download firmware updates

Further details can be found via the product box below:

Buy the Fluke Networks LinkSprinter Network Tester from only £143.00

We are so excited by the LinkSprinter and just know that in contradiction to its compact size it is going to be a huge hit. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Until next time…