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We love keeping in touch this way. Traditionally known as a newsletter because of the rise of internet the snail mail newsletter of old was reborn as the eShot. As you know, we are always here for you at the end of the phone. Yet society is changing and so are the mediums that we use to keep in contact. People are running as fast as they can to keep still. Therefore we find our eShot as a wonderful way to keep in touch and our customer base abreast of what is going on at Comms. The Comms Express eShot’s are always crammed full of goodies with an emphasis on making sure that we don’t overload with too much information, just succulent and tempting without giving cause for any bloating!

For instance, check out this week’s eShot. It is sure to be a winner!

Build A Code

Our eShot this week is all about saving 10% off across everything at Comms Express including top brands such as D-Link, NETGEAR, Cisco, CE, TP-Link, APC, Fluke Networks and Dymo and many, many more trusted suppliers.

Saving 10 % is dead easy with our Build a Code mail-out. Over the next four weeks, beginning on the 2nd June, each eShot will contain either a letter or a number, collect all four and hey presto upon receipt of the code you will receive a lovely 10% off.

Once you have your code, you have a month to use. So plenty of time to take a good look around our site and check out some of the great deals already on offer. We are always working closely with our trusted partners to bring you the most innovative products at the most competitive price.

If you’re new to Comms, another cool idea is our Data Point scheme. This works by collating each pound you spend and transferring those into Data Points. The Data Points can be collected and redeemed for an array of great gadgets. Our Data Point scheme is very popular, and with the gifts, on offer, you can see why.

When using your ‘Build A Code’ code to place an order you will create an account and your Data Points can safely accrue in the pot ready for that rainy day (well it doesn’t have to be rainy but seems an apt description currently!) when you fancy cashing them in for an iPad or Amazon Vouchers.

We look forward to our eShot subscribers saving their 10% come to the end of June. You never know, come the end of June England may be on their way to World Cup glory – we can but hope!