IT technicians and network installers: are you looking for a simple idea that will save you money?

We have the answer!

Tekviews Powertxt Duo is an alternate remote power solution designed principally for IT technicians and network installers. Via the SMS (text messages) controlled AC Power Switch technicians and installers can shut down power by simply sending a text.

Tekview have produced the solution to reduce company expenditure. By calling technicians to site when a system reboot is required, whether it be a network, CCTV or even a cash machine, is a dramatic reaction for a task that can last just minutes. That’s a potential for a lot of wasted money on call outs: “It is estimated that over 70% of all downtime events can be solved with a hard power reboot.”

What is more, Tekviews Powertxt Duo also sends an instant SMS alert when mains power is lost and restored; if Powertxt Duo is connected to the same power supply as a servers or UPS it will alert the technician/ installer immediately if mains power is lost, so they know exactly when the UPS started and how much time is left to resolve the issue.

So sending an engineer to the site just to reboot equipment can not only be very expensive, it is often just not practical if that equipment is in a remote or secure location. Powertxt Duo can be deployed almost anywhere, all that is needed is a power supply and a network signal. As Powertxt Duo only uses SMS to communicate, it can be used in many areas where other mobile networks solutions fail and of course, areas where using an IP solution might not be cost effective or even available. Powertxt Duo can still communicate in areas with very poor or low network signal, and we have tested it in metal lockers (ATMs/Data Centre Cabinets), basements and very remote areas with great results.

This makes for an exciting read, certainly for your finance manager!

Powertxt Duo is not an IP/network controlled product.

Powertxt Duo is extremely secure, it requires passwords for control, and it does not have any access to your connected equipment it can only turn the power on/off.

Totally Secure – Any IP device is a point of weakness on a network, Powertxt Duo is the perfect solution to reduce potential weak points and is much more cost effective. Powertxt Duo overcomes the resistance to remote power by being a totally secure way to remote reboot equipment, firstly it is not connected to your/any network in any way it communicates by SMS ONLY (it has no data connection and it can only control the power to your connected equipment, it has no connection to the equipment plugged into it). Powertxt Duo also uses a numerical password within every command, it ignores all SMS’s from anyone other than the pre-programmed users and most importantly as mentioned above it can only control the power to your connected equipment it has no connection to the equipment itself.

The Powertxt Duo is very Cost Effective – Traditional solutions range in price from £150 (for a single outlet) to many hundreds of pounds, then the cost of an IP address can be £150+ per year, a network port on the switch is required and finally the downtime of the connected equipment & installations costs make it a very expensive solution vs Powertxt Duo. The running costs for Powertxt Duo are approximately £15 per year (for a SIM & text messages) and it can be up and running within 10 minutes. In most cases, Powertxt Duo pays for itself with the first service.

So to sum up Powertxt Duo is the ideal solution for a whole host of environments including:

  • IT Support, Wireless Communications (Routers)
  • Data Centres (Servers, to provide intelligent power without having to power servers down)
  • Energy & Utilities (Various equipment at remote sites)
  • ATMs (Routers and Screens)
  • Smart Lockers (Routers and Screens)
  • CCTV & Security (Routers and DVRs)
  • SoHo (Various equipment, routers, servers etc)

Further information can be found here.

With so many environments Powertxt Duo excels in, its pretty simple to see why it works so well with Ubiquiti’s IP cameras, routers, switches and more.

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