Over time, our brains can deteriorate. Everything we do each day changes our brains, from what we eat, how we fuel our bodies, and how active we are to learning and practising new skills. Even a simple task such as reading shapes your brain and modifies the connections between the neurons in it. This is why it’s so important to look after one of our body’s biggest organs with a healthy lifestyle and the addition of brain training!

Both injury and disease can cause brain deterioration as our brain’s ability to access certain information is hindered. Often, nerve fibres become fragile with age or disease and can disconnect due to the impact of an injury or medical condition. This can cause these fibres to seal themselves off, therefore removing access to that part of the brain.

These fibres, also known as axons, are vitally important for carrying information all around the human body and any form of damage can bring life-changing consequences. These types of brain injury and harm can also be a leading cause of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Brain Deterioration?

Sadly, there is currently no cure for diseases involving brain deterioration, but there are ways to prevent symptoms and battle away the disease before it sets in.

Maintaining a nutritious diet that is rich in omega-3 and antioxidants, cutting down on your alcohol intake, making time for regular exercise and ensuring you are getting a great night’s sleep regularly are the best ways to look after our brains.

Brain training is another great addition to your routine. There is now an abundance of apps available at the click of a button that will not only keep us entertained but also help to exercise our minds. Although these types of brain training app have not been scientifically proven to be of any benefit for preventing disease, the concept is really where the focus should be.

Keeping our brains active with activities such as learning new skills, playing games, solving problems and socialising is a great contribution to overall well-being and therefore a great boost for our brain’s health.

Brain training apps may not have quite the transfer effects that they claim to have, but if these games are helping to keep us active and engaged as part of a healthy lifestyle, they could be a good addition.

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