Within a security system, the vandal-resistant camera is designed to resist breakage and damage, as well as discourage redirections that lead to recording loss. Environments that demand a high level of security benefit from vandal-resistant surveillance systems, which are installed to decrease tampering and damage incidents. Resilient metal, rather than plastic, is commonly used to manufacture camera casings that fight vandalism and protect surveillance. Also, the smooth, rounded casing of a fixed or PTZ dome camera may be less vulnerable to attack than a fixed security camera in a more conventional design. Cameras that extend out from a wall can also be easier targets. An IP dome camera blends into its surroundings, so vandals and intruders are less likely to notice the equipment. There are tamper-resistant cameras available in both high performance and affordable formats. View the review of best surveillance cameras at Comms Express.

Surveillance Cameras with Vandalism Resistance

A well-built security camera with vandalism resistance will frequently feature a camera lens that is enclosed in shatter-resistant materials. Lens protection helps to ensure that critical imaging continues. Vandalism-resistant surveillance systems can also be supported through deployment. During installation, system cabling should not be exposed in vandal-prone surveillance areas. Instead, the cables can be run inside walls or enclosed within metal tubing.

The range of vandal resistant IP cameras include leading brands such as Axis, Hikvision, D-Link and Trendnet.

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Tamper-Resistant Security Equipment

Alarms on tamper-resistant security equipment alert operators to potential camera tampering or vandalism. In these cases, intelligent cameras sound tampering alarms after a redirection or functionality issue. A surveillance camera with tamper alerts is especially beneficial when camera images are not being monitored in real time. Security personnel receive notifications if the surveillance camera is no longer operational or its view has been changed.

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