The basic Standby UPS is an uninterruptible power source that delivers short-term, battery-sourced power during outages. With this category of UPS, hardware receives utility power, under normal conditions, through a direct AC connection. The standby unit and its inverter are essentially on hold until backup power is needed. Depending upon the model, a standby UPS device can also safeguard data and sensitive equipment from surges, spikes, and dips. Compact devices are available for home network protection. A Standby UPS is commonly used to protect computers, modems, VoIP equipment and other hardware. This category of UPS is the least expensive of the three UPS types.

Offline UPS Provides Basic Power for Home and Office

A standby UPS may also be referred to as an Offline UPS, a term which differentiates it from the fully uninterruptible, Online UPS. Though fundamental in design, an offline uninterrupted power source delivers backup runtimes for less demanding home and professional environments. Comms Express representatives have detailed information regarding Offline, Line Interactive and Online UPS models for network, server and desktop UPS applications.

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