A PTZ camera is capable of motion control for a broader range of surveillance coverage. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. A surveillance camera with PTZ functionality features a rotating lens with directional and zoom capabilities, and the camera can be controlled remotely; It can pan left to right and tilt up and down. The lens also zooms in and pulls out, providing imagery at various distances. Surveillance cameras with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. Tilt specifications are measured in degrees, such as a 180-degree tilt. Zoom is specified by magnifications, such as 35x. Cameras with PTZ functions share comprehensive viewing angles. They are often used for the remote monitoring of retail, commercial, industrial and public environments. Their designs feature precision heads and optical zoom functions, which vary according to the individual camera model.

Pan/tilt/zoom Video Surveillance

Images are captured from a full range of angles with pan/tilt/zoom video surveillance equipment. Remotely controlled cameras can offer up to a 360-degree perspective for indoor or outdoor applications. One pan/tilt camera surpasses the capabilities of the fixed camera by recording a range of views, rather than just one. Outdoor-ready cameras with PTZ can be used to scan and sweep exteriors. They can also zoom in on specific subjects.

Dome Network Camera with PTZ

A dome network camera with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities offers discreet indoor monitoring. Movement can occur quickly as with a PTZ dome network camera. The Tracking PTZ cameras also track the movement of objects in their field of view. PTZ dome cameras are available with specialized features, including day/night vision and vandal resistance. Comms Express can provide additional information on multifunctional IP surveillance systems.

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