An On-line UPS is a type of uninterruptible power supply that utilizes either a double or delta conversion technology. With double conversion, network equipment does not receive electricity directly from the AC outlet. Instead, AC power travels to a rectifer, where it becomes DC power. Next, it travels to the battery, and then an inverter. After inversion back to AC, the power is delivered to equipment. With this online UPS device process, computing equipment receives continually clean power. With delta conversion, a certain amount of power is sent to run computers, routers and other equipment directly. This creates an energy efficient online UPS system where some of the power skips the processing steps.

Online UPS System

If an electrical failure occurs, an Online UPS system maintains consistent current flow for the protection of network equipment. Upon fluctuation or failure, the rectifer within the UPS is automatically bypassed, and power is sourced from the battery until restoration occurs. The online UPS circuity is seamless. This is why Online UPS systems cost more than units in the offline or line-interactive UPS categories.

Double Conversion UPS Technology

Sensitive equipment can be protected with double conversion UPS technology. On-line UPS units are available for a wide range of users. With double conversion UPS processes, network servers, data centres, and a full scope of environments can be protected, and there is no transfer time in the transition to battery power. Intelligent on-line UPS systems are available to support demanding loads and runtimes. More affordable double conversion UPS units are available to smaller offices. Normally, the larger the unit, the longer quipment can be kept running.

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