A Line interactive UPS is one type of uninterruptible power source that can regulate voltage automatically. The line-interactive technology responds to high and low voltage conditions. Units also support systems during outages without battery drainage. With a line-interactive UPS, the electrical source is the first line of power. However, an inverter/converter technology allows for the unit’s battery to be charged throughout normal operations. During an outage, this Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)  converts battery power to AC flow for device delivery.

Line-interactive UPS Systems for IT Applications

Within the category of power protection products, line-interactive UPS system will safeguard sensitive equipment during brownouts and blackouts. Units in the line-interactive UPS classification are more expensive than standby models but more affordable than an on-line UPS unit. A line interactive UPS will maintain performance during low voltage situations and short-term power failures. If a lengthy outage is anticipated, its battery power allows devices to be shut down safely. Some live interactive units also offer filtering features.

Comparing On-line vs. Line Interactive UPS

Before buying a power protection unit, you may want to compare on-line versus line interactive UPS technology. A line interactive UPS adds an autotransformer to the basic standby design. It has the capability to increase or decrease voltage output. This transformer responds to changes in the AC power and can automatically regulate issues. In comparison, online UPS models use an inverter to transmit all or some of the power, at all times. This means an online UPS can live up to the term “uninterruptible” with a zero transfer time. It takes an interactive UPS a matter of milliseconds to switch into battery backup mode when failure occurs. Comms Express carries UPS models from manufacturers such as APC or Tripp and Eaton.

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