The day/night camera function allows for automatic adjustments in daylight and low light surveillance conditions. The cameras often include an Infrared Cut Removable Filter, also known as an ICR. The filter is in place during the day to block infrared light and capture that clear images. At night, the filter moves away from the lens for surveillance in low light. Filter removal may be controlled through network operations or set up for automatic movement according to lighting conditions. The ICR feature may be built into day and night cameras which do not have infrared illuminators, or it can be combined with infrared LEDs for surveillance in complete darkness.

Day to Night Surveillance Features

Effective day-to-night surveillance can be achieved using a variety of indoor and outdoor camera models. With day/night camera functionality, images are captured in low light conditions and may display in monochrome. Infrared LEDs offer night vision capability for the IP surveillance system at a demanding security location. Through Infrared LED, some cameras can even monitor in total darkness. A thermal network camera is another option for 24-hour surveillance in complete darkness or difficult light variations.

Security Camera with ICR and Wide Dynamic Range

Network surveillance cameras with ICR may also feature wide dynamic range (WDR) capabilities. WDR supports quality video exposures in a range of lighting conditions, even when intense illumination or backlighting occurs. Surveillance cameras offer specialised ICR camera technologies, with WDR, for professional surveillance. Day and night network cameras often display colour images during the day and grayscale in low light. Some models have the technology to display colour even in poor lighting.

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