Vertiv Network Power, a division of Vertiv, is a global company that combines technology with design to supply innovative solutions for the benefit of its customers. Vertiv Network Power protects and optimises critical infrastructure for data centres, communications networks, healthcare and industrial facilities. Vertiv Network Power’s broad technology base and global expertise support a full spectrum of enterprise-wide solutions for today’s vital business needs.

Regardless of your size, you can’t afford for your critical business systems to go down and you can’t waste time recovering your IT infrastructure after a disruption.
Leave that to us, the experts grid to chip solutions, from the biggest to the smallest data centres, we are ready to serve your needs with the solutions we have developed.
More standardization, so you don’t need further budget allocations to install it. More simplification so you don’t need to be a specialist to get the best for your business. More support, so while you are enjoying doing business, we are protecting you.


Chloride 80-NET From 60 To 500 kW

Maximised active power, high efficiency and complete compatibility for modern, mission-critical IT loads.

Features and Performance

  • Transformer-free design
  • Full IGBT double conversion technology
  • Full input Power Factor
  • Correction (PFC) and excellent input performances: – PF > 0.99 – THDi < 3%
  • Automatic output power upgrade up to +10%
  • High conversion efficiency (certified up to 98%)
  • Hi-tech user interface for monitoring system status and performance
  • Full galvanic isolation as a standard built-in option.

Chloride 80-NET 60 – 500 kW Performances

 Chloride 80-NET features a transformer-free design with full IGBT double conversion technology allowing it to provide extraordinary savings on installation and running costs, while at the same time
providing first-class load protection. Chloride 80-NET also features a full IGBT rectifier allowing for reductions in the size of gen-sets, circuit protection, cabling and transformers.

Flexibility And Compatibility

 Chloride 80-NET can be fully adapted to meet diverse requirements in terms of battery backup time, power, redundancy and harmonic control. Maximum flexibility is also ensured from:
  • Output Power Factor 1
  • Output Power Factor diagram symmetrical respect to zero
  • Permanent 100% kVA – no derating with any load (lagging or leading)
  • Optimum space/power ratio
  • Full compatibility with static transfer switches
  • Wide range of standard options including Isolation transformer (integrated into UPS cabinet), System Bypass Switch and Synchronization Module (MBSM).

Vertiv graph

User Interface

user interface diagram

  1. Bypass Input Voltage, and frequency measurements.
  2. Mains Input Current, voltage and frequency values of the three input phases.
  3. Warning/fault Alerts of anomalies on bypass, rectifier, inverter, booster/charger, battery and load.
  4. Events log Date and time of important UPS events, alarms and other warnings.
  5. Measurements Voltage, current and frequency values of each internal functional block.
  6. Battery Status/values including temperature, cell voltage, capacity run time and testing.
  7. LIFE Status of the LIFE ® net connections and calls.
  8. Tools LCD settings and language selection.
  9. Output Voltage, current, frequency, and battery measurements.

Sustainability And Environment

Advanced digital technology and maximum energy savings for increased performance and optimised TCO.
Chloride 80-NET’s control platform incorporates double DSP and a micro-controller, allowing it to provide the most powerful control in the UPS industry. Together with the patented Vector Control technology, it enables an increased performance of power converters and real-time control of output power quality. This combination of technology provides the following benefits:
  • Zero impact on upstream equipment
  • Perfect compatibility with generators
  • Enhanced performance for specific unbalanced load conditions
  • Perfect load sharing for parallel configurations
  • Enhanced fault clearing capacity (up to 300% of the inverter nominal current)
  • Intelligent double conversion for maximum reliability and highest energy savings.

Maximum Energy Savings

As a result of the transformer-free architecture and intelligent double conversion technology, Chloride 80-NET can achieve optimum efficiency values in all operating conditions, making it capable of reducing running costs also at partial load. This architecture also allows for reduced energy dissipation (kW), thus significantly minimising the consumption of the cooling system.
 Sustainability And Environment

Full Galvanic Isolation

Chloride 80-NET is the only UPS in its power range that offers integrated full galvanic isolation, meaning that the isolation transformer is housed inside the UPS cabinet. This greatly reduces the footprint, thus
providing space-saving advantages. In addition, the transformer can be connected to the input or to the output of the UPS, providing:
  • Full galvanic isolation for medical and other critical applications;
  • Installation with two independent input sources (with different neutrals);
  • Installation in distribution without neutral.

Respecting The Environment

Chloride 80-NET respects the highest level of environmental standards as a result of the following features:
  • Premium energy savings;
  • Most silent UPS in its power range;
  • Maximised battery life with Advanced Battery Care (ABC).
ABC allows the Chloride 80-NET series to maximise the running time
of the battery by up to 50% and includes the following main battery
care features:
  • Ambient temperature compensated battery charger;
  • Automatic battery test (can be set by the user at selectable intervals);
  • Time compensated end of discharge voltage;
  • Exact determination of remaining battery life thanks to sophisticated algorithms, able to analyse real operating conditions such as temperature, discharge/charging cycles and discharge depth.

Servicing Critical Infrastructure

Proactive equipment maintenance reduces downtime and extends equipment life which in turn maximises return on investment and increases system availability. Emerson Network Power supports entire
critical infrastructures with an extensive service offering, guaranteeing network availability and total peace of mind 24/7.
Our approach to servicing critical infrastructure covers all aspects of availability and performance, from single units to entire mission-critical systems, providing customers with tailored services to meet their
individual business needs and further guaranteeing critical continuity.
Vertiv Network Power’s service program is designed to ensure that your critical power protection system is maintained in an optimum state of readiness at all times. The LIFE remote monitoring and diagnostics service provide early warning of UPS conditions and out of tolerances.
This allows effective proactive maintenance, fast incident response and remote troubleshooting, giving customers complete security and peace of mind.

Maximise Availability

Pre-Emptive Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance increases uptime. Vertiv Network Power’s LIFE provides early warning of operating anomalies allowing real-time diagnosis and swift identification and resolution.

Minimise Downtime

Immediate Identification of Problems
Should an emergency condition arise, an engineer in the 24/7 manned LIFE service centre carries out an immediate fault analysis and instigates appropriate corrective action.

Reduce Operating Costs

Superior Asset Management
Through comprehensive data collection and analysis, LIFE’s detailed reporting system provides valuable information on power and equipment trends, over any selected period of time.

Connectivity And Tracking

Interactive control, connectivity and LIFE remote monitoring and diagnostics allow for real time tracking and fast intervention.


Chloride 80-NET features a hi-tech, 15 language user interface, for closely controlling and monitoring the system status and performance. The UPS offers the following standard communication
  • Voltage-free contact ports;
  • Digital inputs and outputs;
  • Two serial ports and LAN connection;
  • Two internal slots for LIFE and connectivity options.

Hardware Connectivity

ManageUPS NET ensures the monitoring and control of the networked UPS, through the TCP/IP protocol.
Two different options permit:
  • The integration of Chloride UPS with Building Monitoring and Automation Systems via MODBUS RTU, MODBUS/TCP or JBUS protocols;
  • The monitoring of environmental conditions where the UPS systems are installed.

Software Connectivity

MopUPS Professional provides the safe shutdown of the operating system in the event of an interruption to the load. This includes event logging and gives notifications via e-mail. ManageUPS CIO software provides a central management system for critical power infrastructures distributed within a building, campus or wide area network environment.

Servicing And Security

The Chloride 80-NET’s modular drawer-design allows modules to be removed easily by extracting the drawers from the front of the UPS. This architecture considerably minimises the time needed for repairs and optimises installation and serviceability. Each UPS will be equipped with an ID card, including all UPS working parameters. This card, univocally related to the UPS, shortens UPS “off-time” in the
case that the control board needs to be replaced.
Hardware Connectivity
Trellis Platform Vertiv Network Power’s Trellis platform is a real-time infrastructure optimisation platform that enables the unified management of data centre IT and facilities infrastructure. The Trellis™ platform software can manage capacity, track inventory, plan changes, visualise configurations, analyse and calculate energy usage, and optimise cooling and power equipment as well as enable for virtualisation.
The Trellis™ platform monitors the data centre, providing a thorough understanding of system dependencies to help IT and facilities organisations keep the data centre running at peak performance. This unified and complete solution delivers the power to see the real situation in your data centre. Make the right decision and take action with confidence.

Flexibility And Security

Parallel Configurations

Chloride 80-NET can be connected with up to eight units in parallel for an increased level of capacity as well as redundancy, thus enhancing its fault management capability by preventing a single point of failure. The parallel architecture of Chloride 80-NET allows single units to be serviced while the remaining units continue to power the load. A single Chloride 80-NET unit can be upgraded to parallel simply, via dedicated and easy to modify software settings. Chloride 80-NET’s self-configuring, hot-plug parallel feature allows the system to automatically detect when new units have been added without the need for stopping the system. This simplified parallel process provides maximum flexibility in terms of scalability for capacity and redundancy.
The Loop CAN BUS connection, used to connect the paralleled UPS also allows for unprecedented reliability, perfect load sharing and fast detection of any variation in the status of the UPS system. chloride 80-NET can support both distributed and centralised parallel configurations:

Distributed Parallel Configuration

Paralleling single Chloride 80-NET units offers advanced scalability. In a distributed parallel configuration each unit has a dedicated static bypass switch, providing parallel operation without the need for a system control cabinet, thus reducing initial installation costs.

Centralized Parallel Configuration

With the Chloride 80-NET’s centralised parallel configuration, the internal static bypass switch of each unit is disabled and an external Main Static Switch (MSS) rated for the desired maximum capacity, is installed. Therefore, the reserve supply to the loads operates via one central piece of equipment (MSS). The MSS can be easily integrated into any switchgear, thus simplifying cabling and installation. System-level commands are given to the MSS via its integrated touch screen display.
centralized parallel configurations

Intelligent Paralleling Feature for Centralised Parallel Configuration

Activating the Main Static Switch (MSS) intelligent paralleling feature optimises efficiency at partial load, thus achieving superior running cost savings. Enabling this feature allows the system to
automatically adapt capacity to meet immediate load requirements by switching excess units to standby mode, while ensuring continued system availability. Furthermore, the Main Static Switch allows each Chloride 80-NET unit to operate in standby mode for the same amount of time, ensuring an equal life-span of module components. This Main Static Switch intelligent paralleling feature further maximises Chloride 80NET’s double conversion efficiency at partial load and allows for an overall energy dissipation reduction.

Intelligent ECO Mode for Centralised Parallel Configuration

In a centralised parallel configuration, it is possible to activate the intelligent ECO mode feature, thus powering the critical loads through the central Main
Static Switch, allowing it to operate at efficiency up to 98.5%, further maximising energy savings for an optimised total cost of ownership (TCO).

  Intelligent Paralleling Feature

Chloride 80-NET Specifications



Chloride 80-NET Main Static Switch (MSS) Specifications

Chloride 80 NET Main Static Switch (MSS) Specification

Data centre management

Today’s successful businesses depend on adaptable technologies to help them respond quickly to market demands. Your data centre must be built on a support infrastructure designed to match the power and cooling needs of rapidly changing IT initiatives such as virtualisation and consolidation. Each IT change, move or addition will affect the entire support infrastructure so you need products and support that ensure your IT systems will operate reliably in these environments.