Cisco Company History and Information

A summary of Cisco Company History and Information parallels the origins of computer networking. Since its founding in 1984 as Cisco Systems, the company has focused on advancing technology in areas ranging from routing and switching to IP communications and network security. The year 1997 was an important time in Cisco company history. It marked the introduction of the first Cisco VoIP products. In 2006, the word “systems” was dropped from the company name. Cisco is now a global leader in the design and manufacturing of networking equipment. Today, the organisation provides home and business solutions for creating intelligent networks. A comprehensive portfolio of Cisco information technology products is also available to enterprise networks and data centres.

Cisco Networking, Routers, and Switches

Scalable Cisco networking routers and switches serve business networks of various sizes. Cisco router models give users dependable application delivery, plus added features. They offer integrated services with a full range of wired and wireless options. One router can integrate voice, video, wireless and data services with highly secure connections. Cisco switches have been developed for small business with port and speed options to support network optimisation. Easy-to-deploy, fixed-configuration switches from Cisco are available for Gigabit or Fast Ethernet connections.

Cisco Unified Communications Products

Working within the network, Cisco Unified Communications products are linked to voice, video, messaging, mobility and web conferencing. The company’s unified communications applications allow collaborators to stay connected through all devices. It also provides powerful solutions for a workforce through voice and phone systems. Cisco’s Unified communications tools, such as the Unified IP phone, are designed to enhance productivity and competitiveness.