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End of Life Product
£1,640.40 Inc VAT
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Sorry, this item is no longer available from Comms Express.

Usystems UCoustic 12u 700mm Deep Sound Proof Data Rack

Floor Standing Cabinet

by Usystems
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Part No:CLFSUC1277F
Delivery: End of Life Product
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    Usystems UCoustic 12u 700mm Deep Sound Proof Data Rack
    Floor Standing Cabinet

    This range of UCoustic enclosures has been designed to eliminate two of the most common problems associated with modern high density server and active equipment, namely excessive noise and heat.

    Sound Reduction – From Noisy Server to Human Whisper
    The combination of record breaking noise attenuation and thermal dissipation performance ensures the UCoustic™ family is a world class leader in its field.

    Using state of the art acoustic materials, Sound reduction up to 28.5dBA can be achieved using the UCoustic sound proof enclosures.  All this is achieved without compromising airflow or cooling.

    As with all sound proof enclosures, the performance of the UCoustic™ family relies upon the ingenuity of the enclosure design and the acoustic material used in order to remove as much noise from the enclosed sound source (e.g. servers) as is possible. Noise is measured in decibels (dBA) so when we claim 28.5dBA noise attenuation, we are basically saying this is the amount of noise we are removing from the sound source. So if the starting point of the sound source is 69dBA (equivalent to a vacuum cleaner at 3m) then by removing 28.5dBA will be the equivalent of reducing the sound source down to say ‘quiet speech’ (see chart below) putting this into context, the cabinet placed in an office environment which can sit anywhere between 48dBA (average office without speech) and 78dBA (busy office with speech), then basically this is a long winded way of saying you will not be able to hear the original sound source from within the UCoustic™ Cab – unless you had your ear pressed up again the cabinet!

    Active Model

    UCoustic Active models come complete with a fan assisted rear which increases the efficiency of the heat dissipation up to a maximum of 4kw.


    • Passive Front Doors
    • Active Rear Panel c/w Fan speed controller and temperature sensor
    • 780w x 700d Frame
    • 19” Mounting Angles fitted front and rear
    • Front infill
    • Two cable entry options
    • Optional dust ingress protection
    • All cladding is easily removable
    • Quick fit hanging panel (Wall Cabinet Only)
    • Load bearing casters (Floor Standing Model Only)
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