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End of Life Product

If you wish to enquire about this product please contact us on

0800 488 000

Sorry, this item is no longer available from Comms Express.

TP-Link TL-WA5210G

2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE

by TP-Link
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Part No:FETL-WA5210G
Manufacturer No:TL-WA5210G
Delivery: End of Life Product
PoE Support
PoE Support
Outside IP
Outside IP
Single Band
Single Band
54mbps Max Throughput
54mbps Max Throughput
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    TP-Link TL-WA5210G
    2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE

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    • What This Product Does

      The TP-LINK TL-WA5210G 2.4 GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE is a dedicated Wireless Internet Service Provider Customer-Premises Equipment (WISP CPE) device, providing the functions of a Wireless Access Point (WAP), WISP Client, and a high gain antenna in one weatherproof device designed for outdoor use. The high power design extends transmission range and delivers a more reliable wireless connection. 

    • High Output Power for Extended Range

      For users that need to cover a large area and reduce dead spots, the TL-WA5210G features high output power and high RX sensitivity that lets it reach farther than other wireless access points. Just like a high-volume speaker to make your sound (wireless signal) travel further, the device features high power for higher speeds at further range for long distance applications. Signal degradation when traveling long distances is mitigated, just like a high-sensitivity headset, allowing the AP to detect and receive the weakest signals. Combined with the integrated 12 dBi dual-polarized antenna, the TL-WA5210G lets you build up to a 9.3-mile range wireless link. 

      If you connect an optional higher gain directional antenna to the external RP-SMA connector, the device supports distance control up to 32.6 miles, breaking through distance limitations in normal 802.11g devices and enabling long-distance wireless transmission. An antenna alignment tool is also included, which produces superior wireless performance by enabling the best transmission and reception signals.

      The Wireless Access Point supports the IEEE 802.11g and b standards, offering wireless speeds of up to 54 Mbps in 802.11g mode and automatically falling back to 11 Mbps in 802.11b mode. 

    • Weatherproof Design for Outdoor Use

      The TL-WA5210G is designed to work in harsh outdoor environment. Built with outdoor weatherproof enclosure and high durable of temperature (-30°C~70°C) hardware inside, the AP could work in some place with extreme bad weather conditions. Besides, the built-in 4000V lightning and 15KV ESD protection design would also help you to prevent storm/lightning surges and ensures reliable operation. 

    • Multiple Operation Modes with One Device

      The TL-WA5210G provides three different operation modes: AP client router, AP router, and AP. In AP client router mode, it works as a Wireless Internet Service Provider Customer-Premises Equipment (WISP CPE). In AP router mode, it accesses the Internet via ADSL/cable modem. And in AP mode, it can function as an access point, client, WDS bridge, and repeater. 

    • Strong Security Keeps You Safe

      Multiple security measures keep your wireless network safe from prying eyes. The Wireless Access Point can be set to turn off the wireless network name (SSID) broadcast so that only users that know it can access it. The access point itself provides LAN 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption security, WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication, as well as TKIP/AES encryption security.

      The TL-WA5210G also features a client isolation function, which protects the security of each individual subscriber from hacker attacks in the same wireless network. 

    • Quick to Set Up, Easy To Manage

      TP-LINK made the TL-WA5210G a breeze to set up and easy to manage. Friendly help messages are provided at every step so you can have your access point up and sharing the Internet in no time. For hard-to-wire locations, a bundled power injector and Passive Power over Ethernet (PPoE) provide flexible deployment options.

      Users can get operational information from the access point without using professional test software by using the integrated speed test and throughput monitor tools. The access point also supports Ping Watch Dog, which enables the device to reboot itself when it encounters errors, saving you the time from having to do it manually. 

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    • Complies with IEEE 802.11b/g, wireless speed up to 54Mbps
    • High output transmission power and reception sensitivity optimized
    • 12dBi dual-polarized directional antennas fit for various environments and boost your signal level
    • Weatherproof enclosure and lightning protection terminal integrated
    • Supports WISP Mode
    • Up to 60 meters (200 feet) of flexible deployment with included Power over Ethernet Injector 
    • Support 15kV ESD Protection
    • Support 4000V Lightning Protection
    • Supports AP Client Router, AP Router and AP operation mode
    • Distance Adjustment for long range transmission, up to 50km
    • Supports Antenna Alignment
    • Supports Layer 2 User Isolation
    • Provides throughput monitor indicating the current wireless throughput.
    • Supports Ping Watch Dog
    • Supports Wireless Speed Test
    • Supports SNMP, Remote Management
    • Provides WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK data security
    • Provides external RP-SMA connector for higher gain antenna upgrade

    Package Content

    • TL-WA5210G
    • Power Supply Unit
    • Power Injector
    • Resource CD
    • Quick Installation Guide 


    • Work with Windows, Mac and Linux.


    • 2-Year Warranty
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