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£118.80 Inc VAT
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Powertxt UK

by TekView
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Part No:DCPT
Manufacturer No:Powertxt
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    Powertxt UK

    What is Powertxt?

    Powertxt is a simple remote power control switch that is fully operated and controlled by text message commands (SMS), allowing effortless remote switching and control of mains power.  Powertxt is 100% Cellular (2G) with no Data/IP/WiFi capabilities so it is the perfect secure solution for out of band remote power control/remote power switching. 

    PowerTxt Uk Logo

    Powertxt gives you the ability to “power cycle/reboot” your business-critical hardware simply and quickly from anywhere 24/7 365 days a year.

    How does it work?

    When your equipment hangs/freezes have you ever been told by the IT department to turn the power off and then on again, well ... that’s exactly what Powertxt does, it effectively performs a ‘hard reboot’ by turning the mains power to your equipment off and then on again (“rebooting it”).  Some newer routers now have the facility to perform a ‘soft reboot’ where they can reset internally but this doesn’t fix every issue, it is estimated that over 70% of all downtime events can be solved with a hard power reboot. 

    Every function is controlled by text message, so you just send a text message from your phone to Powertxt … it’s as easy as that!  You can also choose to control power automatically by time & date (e.g. Powertxt will automatically turn the power on at 7am and off at 6pm every Monday – Friday) or temperature (e.g. controlling a heater, Powertxt will automatically turn the power on when the temperature drops to 5 degrees and off again when it rises to 15 degrees).   

    Main Features

    • Reboot your equipment in seconds
    • Saves time & money by reducing unnecessary site visits
    • Real time power loss text message alert
    • Real time temperature alerts (user programmable)
    • 5 users (for alerts & control)
    • No installation, just plug and play
    • 100% 2G cellular (SMS/text message only)
    • Set up in
    • User friendly simple numerical control commands
    • Automatic power control by time & day or temperature

    Powertxt ROI (Return on Investment)

    Sending an engineer to site can be expensive, especially when it’s just to reboot the mains power.  It is estimated that over 70% of all downtime events can be solved with a hard power reboot and because Powertxt is such a low-cost solution most users see a return on investment with just one call out/engineering visit saved.  It only needs a SIM card and text messages to operate so running costs are extremely low, you can use a PAYG or a Machine to Machine SIM card costing only £1.25 per month.

    Using Powertxt not only maximises equipment uptime but it saves time and money by reducing unnecessarily engineering site visits.   

    Where is Powertxt currently used?

    Powertxt is used to control many types of equipment, for example. Powertxt is used on every router inside the ‘Amazon smart lockers’ to ensure minimal downtime and so the customer can collect their parcel when they need to.  It is used for a wide variety of equipment within many industries, Digital Signage (to reboot their equipment and save on energy costs by turning the equipment off when not required which also prolongs the life of the equipment), also Banking (ATMs), Smart Lockers/Kiosks, Digital Analytics, CCTV, ANPR Cameras, IT & Communications, Energy & Utilities, Marine & Aquatics, Healthcare for routers, DVRs, ANPR equipment, medical fridges and many more industries and applications.   

    How do I control Powertxt?  Is there a management tool?

    Yes! Powertxt is fully controlled by 2G text messages (SMS) and it can be controlled either using a mobile phone or through our dedicated online management portal, EstateView (request a free trial).  Controlling a few devices with a mobile phone is simple but when you have many hundreds of remote devices it can be difficult to manage, EstateView makes controlling large numbers easy and simple.  It can be accessed from anywhere, simply login in and you can control all your devices from one central location, features include; a main dashboard screen showing the latest text messages and alerts, device grouping, send group messages, email alerts for power loss/restore, raise email tickets for engineers, custom fields for your own site-specific information, a running SMS total, individual device history (e.g. showing how many power loss alerts or reboots each unit required), add a device individually or upload many devices into EstateView via csv file and user permissions levels (e.g. command control/read-only).

    How secure is Powertxt?

    Powertxt has two elements of security over traditional IP solutions, 1) it can only control the mains power to your connected equipment (it has no connection with the equipment itself) and 2) if Powertxt received spam messages it would not take any action because control requests can only come from the master user’s mobile number.  It is also password protected.

    What if I have low mobile phone signal?

    Low signal, no problem!  Powertxt only uses the 2G cellular network so it can work in many areas where other technology fails, it works anywhere you can send a text message.  Powertxt is currently used anywhere from metal cages and lockers to hospital basements with no signal issues.

    Powertxt VS Traditional IP Power Control

    With cyber hacks happening almost daily extra precautions have to be taken to ensure your equipment is safe, more and more customers are refusing to add any additional IP equipment to their networks due to the high risks. IP devices (accessed over a network) also have significant drawbacks vs Powertxt, firstly, IP power control requires technically qualified staff to set up, install & maintain (firewalls etc), most IP devices have multiple outlets which make them very expensive for single devices in multiple locations, they have a higher initial purchase price & yearly running costs (especially if an IP address is required) and most importantly they have considerably higher security risks by controlling power over a network. 

    Powertxt is a simple plug and play solution with no technical installation required, it is set up with a couple of text messages and can be done in minutes.  Because it just needs plugging in and it can be programmed when required from anywhere it can be used on new installations or retro-fit to existing equipment easily, this is much more complicated with IP power control.  Powertxt has a low initial purchase price and low running costs because it uses SMS no data, it can only control mains power it has no connection with the equipment it’s connected to and most importantly it’s secure as it will only respond to the master user so even if it received spam messages it would not take any action. 

    Technical Data

    • SIM Card required (Standard/2FF size)
    • Password protected
    • Input 110v-250v / 50Hz
    • Output maximum 13A(UK)/16A(EU)/15A(US)
    • UK/EU/US Versions Available
    • Manufactured to BS5733
    • Plug in temperature sensor included
    • Temperature range -100C to +500C
    • Relative humidity 10-90% without humidity
    • CE2200 Certification / RoHS Compliant
    • Automatic time and date synchronisation
    • Operating temperature -100C to +500C
    • Relative Humidity 10-90%, without condensation
    • GSM Band 900/1800Mhz & 850/1900MHz (Quad Band)
    • Online management portal ‘EstateView’ available on request
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