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NetScout AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester

by NetScout
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Manufacturer No:AIRCHECK-G2
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    NetScout AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester

    The AirCheck G2 provides fast, simple, and accurate isolation and troubleshooting, thereby reducing the time to resolve wireless issues. AirCheck G2 simplifies wireless troubleshooting by providing:

    • A rugged, handheld purpose-built wireless tester supporting the latest Wi-Fi technologies (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
    • A one-button AutoTest, which quickly provides a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identifies common problems
    • An instant view of test results including network availability, connectivity, utilization, security settings, rogue hunting, and interference detection
    • Connectivity to a centralized test results management platform, Link-Live, that facilitates greater job visibility, project control and fleet management for larger distributed environments

    Wi-Fi is a complex technology, but testing it doesn’t have to be. AirCheck G2TM Wireless tester is purpose built for the front-line IT responders dispatched to the complaints of: The Wi-Fi is not working or the Internet is down. The AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester provides fast, simple, and accurate isolation and troubleshooting, thereby reducing the time to resolution of wireless issues.

    There are many variables that lead to Wi-Fi complaints, ranging from network based problems and configuration issues to environmental or client device misconfigurations. Collecting all the key pieces of information the very first time is key to every front-line IT responder to resolve any complaint.

    The AirCheck G2’s intuitive user interface and management platform provides actionable intelligence to not only remove the complexity of wireless troubleshooting but also helps speed up closure of the trouble ticket. The cost of not getting the job done right the first time, leading to an escalation team visit, leads to ineffective usage of the escalation team efforts & end-user dissatisfaction due to slow problem-solving response time. AirCheck G2 provides front-line IT with complete & accurate wireless information to solve problems right the first time, instead of blindly escalating them.

    What’s new in the AirCheck G2 (Second Generation) Wireless Tester

    The Second Generation AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester carries on the legacy of the AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester, but now additionally offers:

    • 802.11ac 3 stream radio
    • 5” Touchscreen display
    • Ethernet tests for AP backhaul verification
    • Automatic uploads of basic connectivity tests to the Link-Live cloud service.

    Touchscreen Display
    The AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester has a responsive 5” touchscreen display. The home screen offers easy navigation to drill down into:
    • Networks
    • Access Points
    • Channels
    • Clients
    • Autotest
    • Ethernet Test

    802.11a/b/g/n/ac Network Detection and Connectivity Validation

    Find configuration and coverage problems as well as rogue access points by viewing a list of all physical access points heard by AirCheck G2. Connect to networks or specific access points using WEP, WPA, WPA2, and/or 802.1x. Acquires an IP address and pings the router, gateway, and user-defined addresses to verify connectivity and network access inside and outside the firewall. Verifies connection quality.


    Performs essential Wi-Fi tests and a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identifies common problems - for any level of technician's expertise.

    • Air Quality - Checks for Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi utilization by channel, plus co-channel interference.
    • Network Quality - Verify coverage, interference, security and ability to connect to specified networks
    • Rogue Access Points - Identify AP's not listed in the profile
    • Ad Hoc Networks – Detects ad hoc networks and flags them as potential network security risk

    AutoTests are user configurable and based on the multiple profiles which can be stored in AirCheck and selected for different sites or requirements. Results may also be stored for export to AirCheck Manager. 


    Cloud Based Results Management

    Link-Live Cloud Service

    Once the AirCheck G2 is connected to the Link-Live Cloud service, basic network connectivity test results are automatically uploaded to the dashboard for project management and reporting. This internet-hosted service is available from anywhere at any time using any device with a browser and internet connection. It is especially useful for managers of remote teams that need visibility to test results instantly. In addition, teams that utilize the wired only companions to the AirCheck G2 such as the LinkSprinter or LinkRunner have a single dashboard system to manage results from network connectivity tests.

    AirCheck G2 Manager Software

    The AirCheck G2 Manager Software provides the ability to manage AirCheck G2 profiles and view detailed information on saved tests results. The AirMagnet Manager is free and available for download to any computer from the Link-Live Cloud Service.


    Easily configure, manage, and control the use of your AirCheck G2 – or an entire fleet of them - with the Profiles feature, which allows configuration of security settings, AutoTest limits, and target devices for connectivity. Name and transfer multiple profiles into AirCheck G2, as needed for different facilities. Profiles are password protected, eliminating worry about unauthorized access to your network if your AirCheck G2 is lost or stolen.

    Record Session

    You can easily view detailed information about networks, access points, channels, or clients on the AirCheck G2 Manager Software by viewing a saved session file. The session files will capture details including AirCheck G2 configuration, AutoTest results, lists of AP’s / clients and channel usage.

    List Networks
    Find security issues, rogue APs and coverage problems and view a list of all wireless networks heard by AirCheck. Instantly see the following for each network:
    • Signal level
    • Security / encryption
    • Number of APs in network
    • SSID name
    • Type of network

    Locate Access Points and Clients Easily
    Quickly identify rogue APs by setting the authorization status for each AP in AirCheck or AirCheck Manager software.  Once set, this allows you to instantly verify authorized devices and determine if rogue devices are present on your network.

    You may define an AP's authorization status two ways: from AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester or the AirCheck Manager software.

    Network Connection Tests
    Verify network availability and access by connecting to a network (SSID) or specified AP using three simple steps:

    • Associate with AP
    • Request IP address from DHCP server
    • PING gateway, DHCP server and user-defined addresses
    • TCP port connectivity
    The AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester’s intuitive user interface provides actionable intelligence, simplifying wireless troubleshooting and validation. AirCheck G2 provides network professionals and technicians of any skill level with complete and accurate information to resolve connectivity and performance problems quickly, speed up closure of trouble tickets, and ensure your Wi-Fi network meets end-users’ needs.


    • AirCheck G2 offers a one-button AutoTest function that quickly provides a pass/fail indication of Wi-Fi network quality and identifies common problems
    • Test the latest Wi-Fi standards (including 802.11ax), with a rugged, handheld, purpose-built wireless tester
    • See all networks and devices in your location immediately upon power-up
    • View test results, including network availability, connectivity, utilization, throughput, security settings, possible rogues, and interferers
    • 802.11 utilization

      Reports channels in each band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with the highest airtime utilization.

    • Non-802.11 utilization

      Reports channels with the highest non-802.11 airtime utilization, indicative of interference sources and high noise levels.

    • Co-channel interference

      Reports channels with the most APs on the same channel that exceed the minimum signal level threshold.

    • Adjacent channel interference

      Reports interference on a channel caused by APs that are operating on other channels that overlap with that channel.

    • Network quality

      Verifies coverage, interference, security, and ability to connect to specified networks, along with the availability of critical network services such as DHCP and connectivity to specified network targets.

    • Rogue access points

      Reports APs other than your authorized devices. These devices may be compromising network security.

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