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£243.55 Inc VAT
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Netgear BR500 Insight Instant VPN Router

by Netgear
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Part No:FEBR500-100UKS
Manufacturer No:BR500-100UKS
Delivery: In Stock: Next Day
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    Netgear BR500 Insight Instant VPN Router

    Introducing NETGEAR® Insight Instant VPN Router for one-step remote or site-to-site secure connection to your business and firewall capabilities for a fully protected office.

    The NETGEAR® Insight Instant VPN Router is the first Security Business Router managed by the NETGEAR Insight app or Insight Cloud Portal with easy setup, one-step Instant VPN, and anywhere remote/cloud monitoring and management. It enables business to instantly protect their networks with its secure VPN and firewall capabilities, rapidly and cost-effectively. Its 5-year warranty and 90-day free phone and chat support make the Insight Instant VPN Router the most trusted cloud-managed security solution of the market. It is the newest addition to the Insight family, allowing management of Insight managed switches, Wireless Access points, network storage and VPN router under a centralised interface.

    Full Protection Of Your Business Data With Instant VPN & Integrated Firewall

    • One-step Instant VPN for business protection and remote or site-to-site secure access
    • Easy setup, configuration and instant VPN connectivity from the NETGEAR Insight app or Cloud Portal
    • Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall and easy rule setting for instant protection against intrusion
    • Router setup (DHCP, NAT rules, DMZ ports) from the Insight app or Cloud Portal
    • Full routing capabilities with DHCP, NAT, PPTP, L2TP
    • VPN Business Router with InterVLAN routing, Support for QoS and 802.1q VLANs (256)
    • VLAN in VLAN support (QinQ) for private VLAN tagging in ISP network for an additional layer of isolation and security
    • VPN with SSL Encryption (DES, 3DES, AES)

    Remote-Monitoring And Management From Netgear Insight

    The Insight Instant VPN Router is fully monitored and managed through NETGEAR Insight either locally or remotely.

    NETGEAR Insight provides:

    • The VPN Router hardware status, temperature, port speeds, CPU load, memory utilization
    • The VPN connection status – connected/disconnected, number of connected users, method of authentication, current traffic, visited destination from guest portal, sites connected (for site-to-site VPN), volume of data exchanged
    • Firewall rule configuration and update, NAT traversal, port forwarding, FTP

    Protect your business

    Discover the easiest way to protect your business

    By using a VPN for remote connections, small businesses build in a layer of security they otherwise may not have. The VPN for remote business networking keeps sensitive information private. It’s an added safety measure if you already work on a secure network, but it’s critical to use VPNs over open public Wi-Fi connections such as coffee shops, hotels and airports.

    But today’s VPN solutions can be lengthy and tedious to configure, making it hard to implement in small businesses that do not have any IT expertise.

    NETGEAR Business has leveraged Insight Management’s intuitive and simplicity solution to implement the easiest VPN set up and configuration of the market in the “Insight Instant VPN Router” (BR500).

    BR500 Business Example

    One-step Instant VPN - Remote or site-to-site

    With the Insight Instant VPN Router and NETGEAR Insight app or Cloud Portal, any business, big or small, tech savvy or not, can create a secure VPN in an instant. With the Instant VPN option in Insight, business employees can set up a VPN in one simple step either from their home to the office or from a business site to another. Their data and their business is protected in an instant. It also allows them to rapidly access any file or device located in the office as if they were there, making collaboration easier and preventing data duplication on all sites.

    Remote monitoring and management

    Remote monitoring and management with NETGEAR Insight

    The NETGEAR Insight™ solution allows to instantly discover, configure, and continuously monitor and manage your network of select NETGEAR Wi-Fi access points, switches and storage devices, from anywhere. Insight offers plug-and-play set up and management of small business networks from an easy-to-use mobile app or Cloud Portal. Its scope has now expanded to the VPN Router to make the NETGEAR Insight ecosystem the most comprehensive cloud management solution in the market.

    Integrated firewall

    Full Business protection with integrated firewall

    The Insight Instant VPN Router also adds a layer of protection with the inclusion of a firewall. The firewall prevents any unauthorized access to the network and will monitor the communications between the business network and the outside world according to internal rules. It will also warn of any malicious connection attempt. The Firewall rules can easily be set up in the Insight app or Cloud Portal to get you started intantly.

    Network Example

    BR500 Example

    Remote Monitoring
    And Management From Netgear Insight

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