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Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit 1

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Manufacturer No:CLEANKIT-L1
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    Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit 1
    The fibre optic cleaning kits combine all the best and most widely used products in one simple to use package.

    They contain all the necessary products to competently and professionally clean fibre optic installations. With 3 levels of kit available it’s easier to
    choose the right one for the application.

    • High quality products
    • 3 levels depending on user application
    • Products available individually for kit refill
    • Provided in a soft carry case

    Kit-1: Lint Free Cleaning Tissues 100 pieces, 2.5mm Foam Cleaning Buds 100 pieces, 1.25mm MicroFibre Cleaning, Sticks 100 pieces, IPA Cleaning Wipes 10 pieces, FibreCare Connector Cleaning Fluid 1 piece, FibreCare Fibre Preparation Fluid 1 piece, Soft Black Carry Case 1 piece.

    Cleaning Buds  Foam Cleaning Buds

    Foam buds are the ideal consumable for cleaning bulkheads after installation.
    Click Here To View
    Cleaning Sticks  Micro Fibre Cleaning Sticks

    Micro fibre sticks are the ideal consumable for cleaning 1.25mm bulkheads after installation.
    Click Here To View
    Cleaning Tissue  Optical Fibre Cleaning Tissue

    When polishing the ferrule of the connector it is essential that the process is kept clean, this ensures accurate and repeatable polishing.
    Click Here To View
    Cleaning Wipes  Optical Fibre Cleaning Wipes

    The Optronics pre-saturated wipes contain 99% pure IPA (isopropyl alcohol). The wipe material is made from a high quality, non-abrasive, low lint fabric.
    Click Here To View
    Contact Cleaner  Fibre Optic Contact Cleaner

    This high-purity optical-grade solvent is a versatile cleaner. It removes light oils, salts, moisture, skin oils, dust, lint, polishing media, uncured epoxies and even flux residues.
    Click Here To View
    Preparation Fluid  Fibre Optic Preparation Fluid

    This optical-grade solvent is double-filtered for purity, so cleaning is more consistent and reliable. It delivers excellent results removing light oils, salts, moisture, fingerprints, dust, lint, fibres, grime, polishing media and uncured epoxies.
    Click Here To View
    Handheld Inspection Microscope  Handheld Inspection Microscope

    The OPT-FHS series hand-held fibre inspection microscopes, available in 200X and 400X magnification, are an ideal choice for checking field terminations for fibre end face quality.
    Click Here To View
    Cletop-S Type B Cassette Cleaner  Cletop-S Type B Reel Fibre Cleaner

    Cletop fibre optic connector cleaners are far more effective than using solvents and wipes. Solvents and wipes simply move the debris around the connector and also leave a residue.
    Click Here To View
      Aerosol Duster

    Removes microscopic contaminants, lint, dust, metallic oxide deposits and other soils.
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