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£695.05 Inc VAT.
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Eaton ePDU: Metered Outlet IEC - 0U - In: C14 10A 1P - Out C13, 16

by Eaton
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Part No:FEEMOB03
Manufacturer No:EMOB03
Delivery: In Stock: 3-5 Days
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    Eaton ePDU: Metered Outlet IEC - 0U - In: C14 10A 1P - Out C13, 16
    Meter the Input, branch, individual outlets & IT equipment across A and B feed

    ePDU G3 Metered Outlet models allow device level metering over multiple power feeds, and includes kWh, peak power and current draw. Clearly view and understand the consumption of individual devices powered over A and B feeds and see available power. Metered Outlet units have no switching. They include IEC Class 1 (±1%) billing grade accuracy, an advanced hot-swap meter with LCD pixel display showing V, W, A and kWh, and the ability to daisy chain 8 ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address


    • Allows device level metering over A and B feeds (Requires Daisy Chained ePDUs)
    • Input and Phase Metering, Circuit Breaker Current Metering
    • Circuit Breaker status monitoring
    • Level 3 PUE measurements
    • Highly secure with user access control, password protection and SSL configurable to 1024 or 2048 bit
    • IEC outlet eGrip plug retention: retains all standard IEC plugs
    • 60 Degree C operating temperature
    • Colour-coded outlet and branch circuits for simple load balancing
    • Eaton Hydraulic–Magnetic Circuit Breakers with accidental trip protection
    • Low-profile form factor: 52mm wide x 53mm deep x 1154mm high
    • En masse configuration and update available via Intelligent Power Manager software
    • Single Pane Monitoring of many ePDUs+UPS as part of the power chain, via Intelligent Power Manager software
    • Installation: Button mounting on rear & side + variable mounting system
    • Optional Temp/Humidity sensor

    Input:- 3 metre Single-phase 230v IEC-320-C14

    Output:- 16 x IEC-320-C13

    Daisy Chain
    Daisy-Chain 8 ePDUs from one IP port  and one IP address: this reduces the cost  of networking, reduces IP addresses and data packets on the network. Daisy Chaining reduces network infrastructure costs by up to 87%

    Integrated Grip
    IEC Plug Retention: Prevents accidental disconnect from being bumped or from vibration. Works with any IEC plug, no  need to buy special cables or brackets.

    Easy Configuration
    includes central advanced LCD display with menu system. Change settings incl. IP address, configure via USB stick copy / paste configuration file or configure En Masse via IPM software. 

    Low profile chassis 

    The ePDU doesn’t protrude into the rack and is low profile even at the breakers
    52mm wide x 53mm high and 58.7mm at breakers on most models
    Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers include accidental-tip protection by default

    Small with Flexible Mounting: Easily access hot-swappable IT equipment and components.

    • ePDUs are available in 0U to fit vertically on the back of a rack, or in 1U/2U to be mounted horizontally in any server rack
    • Ensure the ePDU, plugs and cables are completely out of the way of equipment with button mount on the rear and sides
    • Optionally side mount to face the rear doors of the rack to ensure the ePDU, plugs and cables don’t interfere with hot-swap IT equipment
    • Choose to raise or lower the ePDU in the rack to suit your installation
    • Unique patented variable mounting system can be mounted at any point on the ePDU and gives full flexibility

    No Downtime on Upgrades

    ePDU G3 has Hot-Swap network components - update or change without changing the outlet state

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