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£143.98 Inc VAT
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D-Link Nuclias 3 Year Cloud Managed Access Point License

Supports the D-Link DBA Access Point Range

by D-Link
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Manufacturer No:DBA-WW-Y3-LIC
Delivery: In Stock: 5-7 Days
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    D-Link Nuclias 3 Year Cloud Managed Access Point License
    Supports the D-Link DBA Access Point Range

    What is Nuclias?


    Simple, feature-rich cloud networking, as it should be.

    D-Link's Nuclias cloud solution allows any organisation with any level of IT resources to quickly and easily set up, configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage their network deployment remotely through a web browser, or the dedicated Nuclias iPad App.




    Cloud Management

    Manage your network through the cloud, without the complexity or cost.

    Wi-Fi coverage and networking capacity are provided by high-performance Access Points and Managed Switches deployed on site, while configuration and ongoing management can be carried out remotely through a web browser or tablet, from anywhere.

    cuts costs

    Cloud-based management cuts costs of deployment and ongoing management.

    With Nuclias, network configurations and software updates are pushed to the remote devices through the cloud, without the need to have specialised equipment or personnel onsite.

    No additional training, no additional costs; you only pay for what you need, with the ability to scale back or expand, in line with business demand.

    Unlimited scalability of supported APs.

    Efficient centralised cloud-based management.

    DBA 1210P

    Pay for what you need, then add as you grow

    If an access point goes down, you can simply replace it to fix the issue. No late night configuration or big overhauls required. And if you want to add a new site or expand an existing one, Nuclias makes it quick and easy.

    • Hassle-free with predictable annual costs
    • No in-house IT management or engineering visits required
    • Single to multi-site scalability
    • No huge investment to start

    Simple Deployment

    No need to send your most experienced engineer out to install. With Nuclias' Zero-Touch Deployment, it's as easy as powering up and plugging in the equipment.

    Connect Activate Provision Manage
    Connect Activate Provision Manage
    Mount the first Access Point and plug it into an existing powered switch. Import to e-inventory and add to your account. Configure devices by selecting UID, Profile, Site, and License. Your settings are pushed to your devices via cloud hosted management.

    Know your business network

    Know your business network, like never before

    Intuitive interface

    Easily manage your network on the go, get an instant overview of live usage and your network's health, delegate access to your teams, see maps that show the location of your devices, and create Wi-Fi access log-in pages that can be customised with your brand's logo.

    Detailed statistics and reports of network usage across time and locations.

    Customisable Portal for brand awareness.


    Stay Connected

    Stay Connected

    Easily access the Nuclias tablet app or through a browser, from anywhere in the world. Monitor and manage your network devices remotely. Now even a small IT team can keep on top of any demands like creating guest networks, adding Wi-Fi to additional locations, updating devices and keeping your network secure.

    Automated monitoring & alerts, anywhere, anytime

    Add new devices to the network and update remotely.

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