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£467.98 Inc VAT.
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AXIS P1214-E Network Camera

Miniature HDTV Camera for Discreet Outdoor Surveillance

by Axis
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Part No:FE0533-001
Manufacturer No:0533-001
Delivery: In Stock: 1-3 Days
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    AXIS P1214-E Network Camera
    Miniature HDTV Camera for Discreet Outdoor Surveillance
    Miniature HDTV camera for discreet outdoor surveillance. Cable from sensor unit going in the direction of the lens. Edge storage using microSD card or NAS. ACAP support, I/O port, multiple video streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG. 25/30 fps in all resolutions up to 720p. PoE and 8-28 VDC support.

    AXIS P12 Network Cameras are a digital covert surveillance solution for ATMs. As the leader in network video surveillance, Axis offers the most advanced security and safety benefits. With the IP advantage, not only do you have cutting-edge surveillance, but you also get an easy, cost-effective way to improve customer service and streamline operations.

    Axis makes it easy to enhance security across your whole ATM fleet with reliable, round-the-clock surveillance - detecting crime and preventing it. AXIS P12 Network Cameras can send automatic alarms when the camera is covered or tampered with - instantly making you aware of possible crime or security breaches. For alarms that require immediate action or further investigation, you can quickly deliver evidence to police and other stakeholders. Plus, AXIS P12 provides HDTV quality video, giving you the clearest images on the market for amazing detail and enhanced identification possibilities, even in difficult lighting conditions.

    AXIS P1214-E is a water- and dust-resistant, IP66-rated model, which offers the same mounting options as AXIS P1214. The camera can also be mounted in the supplied housing suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.


    • HDTV 720p, 1280x720 resolution, 16:9 wide-screen format
    • Support for H.264
    • Motion detection
    • DC power and Power over Ethernet
    • I/O for connections to external devices (sensors and relays)
    • Open industry standards for easy integration
    • HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1X
    • Eye-level identification

      Discreet, pinhole cameras mounted at eye-level capture vital facial details from a natural angle for enhanced security and identification.

    • Axis' Corridor Format

      Axis' Corridor Format provides a vertically oriented video stream, perfectly adapted to narrow areas - maximizing image quality while eliminating the typical bandwidth and storage waste of landscape formats.

    • HDTV Image quality

      Crystal-clear HDTV 720p image quality with backlight compensation makes positive identification easy, regardless of lighting conditions.

    • Tampering alarm

      Automatic alerts ensure your surveillance system always works, and can also indicate crimes in progress so you can take immediate action.

    • Efficient video compression

      AXIS P12 cameras deliver multiple, individually configurable video streams in H.264 compression, which greatly optimizes bandwidth and storage needs without compromising image quality.

    • Flexible mounting

      Since the AXIS P12 sensor unit and main unit are separate and only connected by one 8-meter (26 ft.) cable, you can safely place the main unit within bank walls while the sensor unit is installed in the ATM.

    • Edge storage

      With the cameras' built-in microSD/microSDHC card slot for video storage, there's no need for additional equipment like DVRs - saving you money and space. It can also serve as a backup in case the primary storage fails.

    • Remote access

      With remote access to live and recorded video, you can facilitate quick investigations and save on resources. There is no need to wait for a security team to open an ATM and retrieve the video.

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