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£1,319.48 Inc VAT.
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AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station

Multifunctional device for better security solutions

by Axis
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Part No:FE01436-001
Manufacturer No:01436-001
Delivery: In Stock: 7-10 Days
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    AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station
    Multifunctional device for better security solutions

    AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station combines video surveillance, two-way communication and access control in a single device. Not only is it our most advanced door station yet, it’s also a powerful enabler of better overall security. Its open interfaces offer countless possibilities for integration, so it can easily be combined with other systems within your security solution to meet your specific needs. AXIS A8207-VE is perfect for installation at entrances where there are many known and unknown visitors passing through on a regular basis.


    • Full-featured 6 MP IP camera
    • Integrated RFID reader for access control
    • Keypad for dialling and PIN verification
    • Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction
    • Uncompromised integration possibilities
    • SIP, VAPIX and ONVIF compatible

    The best of three worlds

    AXIS A8207-VE is three top-of-the-line security solutions in one, which eliminates the need for additional equipment around your entrances. For clear two-way communication between personnel and all visitors, it offers echo cancellation, noise reduction and an induction loop for hearing aids. It also has an integrated access control reader (RFID) for employee access that allows for remote entrance control using your computer, desk phone or mobile device.

    There are superior network surveillance capabilities in the form of a full-featured 6 MP security camera with advanced technologies like wide dynamic range, Axis Zipstream and ACAP support for intelligent analytics. It also includes a multifunctional PIR sensor, for example to detect approaching individuals and then trigger events like a recording or a verbal greeting. Third party audio analytics can be integrated to trigger audio warnings or recordings for instance if the sound of gunshots or aggression is detected. And built-in tamper detectors can trigger events if someone attempts to gain access by manipulating the door station.

    Truly open is truly smart

    AXIS A8207-VE offers true openness, which means you’re not dependent on proprietary hardware or software. Instead, you’re free to use AXIS A8207-VE with open-standard hardware or software from the supplier of your choice –integrated with the solutions you already own or the ones you decide to purchase next year.

    And because AXIS A8207-VE is built on an open platform, you can integrate your access control solution with a long list of other systems and solutions for video surveillance, access control and VoIP communication. It features a multitude of ports, relays and supported protocols that allow you to connect external sensors, activate lights, open doors, trigger cameras, or sound alarms. The - smart - possibilities are practically endless. It even has an HDMI output that lets you mount any standard screen on the inside of the door, creating a virtual window to see if it safe to go out.

    Easy accessibility for one and all

    AXIS A8207-VE operates as a card and pin code reader for admitting employees and other authorised individuals without other intervention. Unknown visitors can use the door station keypad to call reception, the person they are visiting or security personnel and request access. Call recipients can then see, talk to and open the door for those visitors directly or remotely from wherever they are using a cell phone, IP phone or video management system.

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