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Sorry, this item is no longer available from Comms Express.

Austin Hughes 3 Phase Monitored WSI PDU with C13 Sockets, Breakered, 32A Commando Plug

32A Commando Plug

by Austin Hughes
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Mount / Outlet(s):
Part No:AH-V0002410008721141
Manufacturer No:AHV0002410008721141
Delivery: Out Of Stock
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    Austin Hughes 3 Phase Monitored WSI PDU with C13 Sockets, Breakered, 32A Commando Plug
    32A Commando Plug
    Three Phase for Rising Power Usage

    High power density has been implemented in applications such as high-end network switches, storage systems and supercomputing. The expansion of centralized computing causes the rack power density to steadily rise in these years. As a result, the demand of Three Phase PDUs with higher power ratings is increasing in data center field.

    Infrastructure Power Management

    With today’s increasing demand for high technology power management solutions, PDU kWh measurement and the associated software allows data center managers to make key decisions regarding the most efficient use of power.

    The ability to maximize power efficiency to reduce cost is high up on the corporate agenda. For 24x7 operation a small increase in efficiency can result in major savings in operating cost.

    W series PDUs provide the kWh measurement for effective planning of power capacity. Models with outlet level kWh measurement are also available.

    Uptime and Productivity Improvements

    Uptime and productivity improvements are achieved through remote management. W series PDUs support daisy chain connections allowing up to 16 PDUs to be cascaded via Cat6 cables. All the PDUs are remotely accessed via only 1 network IP address.

    The free management software provides easy-to-learn tools for the remote management of up to 800 PDUs anywhere around the world. Ultimately, this can help to reduce manpower and travel costs by negating the need for staff to actually be at the equipment location.

    W Meter - Advanced & Sophisticated

    All W series PDU are supplied with a W meter that allows local metering, the ports for PDU daisy chain as well as external sensor / peripheral connection.
    • Single & Three Phase PDUs can be inter-cascaded in a single daisy chain.
    • Simply connect 1 x IP Dongle to access up to 16 PDUs to save IP address.
    • Built-in buzzer will sound when circuit or bank Amp over alarm setting.
    • Field replaceable design allows meter replacement without PDU power interruption.

    Lockable IEC Outlet PDU Fused IEC Outlet PDU
    Lockable IEC Outlet PDU models are available to secure plugs and prevent accidental disconnection. It is compatible to generic IEC cords and hence cost saving in locking cables. W Series PDUs are available with the option of individually fused outlets, to help prevent an overload of the active equipment and avoiding short circuiting the entire IEC outlet PDU.

    Variety of Electrical Configurations Broadest Portfolio of Intelligent PDUs
    Except for 16A / 32A, sometimes a tremendous amount of computing power is required for equipment mounted in a single rack. Some 63A* basic PDUs are designed for such high power usage requirements.
    * only available for W Monitored models
    In addition to supplying cost-effective standard PDU models with a great delivery schedule, competitive custom PDU configurations for specific user requirements are also available on short lead-times.

    Field Replaceable Meter & Power Module High Metering Accuracy
    Mission critical data centers cannot allow shutdowns for equipment replacement and maintenance, therefore the W meter and power module are field replaceable units that are hot swappable without the need to power down the PDU. The sharp and highly visible display of the 2.8" colour LCD with touch screen functionality provides local data of current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (KW), energy consumption (KWh), power factor of entire PDU. This data has a metering accuracy to within +/- 1%.

    External Sensors / Display Connections Colored PDU Outlets & Colored Chassis
    Temperature sensors or temperature and humidity sensors are low profile design with magnetic based for easy installation to rack. External door mount PDU Display shows PDU amps & temperature ( without needing access to the server rack ). Colored PDU outletes or casings allow easy identification of power paths and simplify manageability of main and redundant power sources.
    C13 / C19 outlet: Red, Blue & Grey
    PDU casing: Red, Blue & Black
    * Coloured outlets for W or Wi series only

    Colored Power Cords IEC Secure Sleeves
    Enhance cable management and visualise power sources.

    C13-C14 6ft (1.0mm2)
    EC-6PC1314-B Blue, EC-6PC1314-R Red
    EC-6PC1314-O Orange, EC-6PC1314-G Light Grey
    * C13 - C14 10ft ( 1.0 mm² ) available

    C19-C20 6ft (1.5mm2)
    EC-6PC1920-B Blue, EC-6PC1920-R Red

    IEC Sleeves secure the power cord connections to the
    PDU IEC outlets in a simple and cost efficient way.

    Sleeve attached to C14 power cord inlet:
    IPP-SS-C13 (pack of 200)

    Sleeve attached to C20 power cord inlet:
    IPP-SS-C19 (pack of 100)

    PDU Mounting Options Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker
    InfraPower PDUs are supplied with 2 types of mounting kits; Vertical Button Mounting Kit & Vertical Bracket Mounting Kit. The tool-less kits can be used on the majority of global branded racks. MCB is essential for safety operation. Our MCB is a
    kind of hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker which is
    bundled by the InfraPower 3-Phase PDU models.

    3-Phase PDU Family Intelligent Basic
    Monitored Switched  
    W Wi WS WSi  
    Outlet Amp - kWh Measurement      
    Outlet Switch ON / OFF      
    Hot-Swap Meter  
    2.8" Color LCD  
    Circuit / Phase Amp - kWh Measurement  
    Phase Balance %  •
    Temp-Humid Sensor port x 2  
    16 PDU Levels in Single Daisy Chain  
    One IP Access up to 16 PDU Levels  
    SNMP Capability v2 / v3  
    Free Management Software  
    Lockable IEC Outlet Model
    Individually Fused Outlet Model
    63A Model (only for 400V PDU)      
    Local Meter  
    Tool-less Mounting for Vertical PDU
    0U / 2U Form Factors
    Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker
    Voltage 400V - Amp 16A / 32A
    Voltage 208V -
    Amp 20A / 30A
    Amp 50A / 60A (only for Vertical PDU)
    Operating temperature range -5°C to 60°C
    Outlet types:
    IEC C13, IEC C19, IEC C13+C19, IEC Lockable, IEC Individually Fused, UK, UK+IEC, SCH and SCH+IEC
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