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Amazon Voucher Promotion Banner

At Comms Express we like nothing more than delivering your IT equipment fast and rewarding our customers loyalty. As part of our reward scheme, we have teamed up with D-Link to offer a free Amazon voucher when purchasing any of the participating products.

Simply place your order today, and once you’ve received your products use the claim form to tell us your contact and order details and we’ll handle the rest.

And what makes this reward even better - you can claim as many times as you like!

Available on Switch orders on or after the 13/02/2018.

Participating products include:

£10 Amazon voucher when you buy:
DES-1210-08P only £109.14
DES-1210-52 only £178.54
DGS-1100-24P only £184.28
DGS-1210-08P only £89.14
DGS-1210-10P only £116.97
DGS-1210-16 only £90.98
DGS-1210-28 only £116.23
DGS-1510-20 only £168.98
DES-3200-28 only £182.47
DGS-3000-10TC only £207.48

£20 Amazon voucher when you buy:
DES-1210-28P only £188.69
DGS-1210-28P only £278.99
DGS-1210-24P only £241.64
DGS-1210-48 only £254.07
DGS-1210-52 only £282.04
DGS-1510-28 only £231.70
DGS-1510-28X only £236.19

£30 Amazon voucher when you buy:
DES-3200-28P only £344.02
DES-3200-52 only £313.23
DGS-3120-24TC/SI only £378.24

£40 Amazon voucher when you buy:
DGS-1210-52MP only £551.72
DGS-1510-28P only £409.76
DGS-1510-52 only £455.83
DGS-1510-52X only £461.95
DXS-1100-10TS only £568.44
DXS-1100-16SC only £857.88
DXS-1210-10TS only £577.41
DXS-1210-12TC only £844.86
DES-3052P only £651.70
DGS-3120-24PC/SI only £710.06
DGS-3120-24SC/SI only £497.60
DGS-3120-48TC/SI only £749.71
DGS-3120-48PC/SI only £1188.02
DGS-3420-28PC only £1146.72
DGS-3420-28SC only £997.98
DGS-3420-28TC only £952.68
DGS-3420-52P only £1896.37
DGS-3420-52T only £1634.96
DWS-3160-24PC only £1689.99
DGS-3620-28TC/SI only £1502.37
DGS-3620-52T/SI only £2668.28
DXS-3600-32S/SI only £4654.07

Available on Switch orders on or after the 13/02/2018.


To claim your voucher(s) please make sure you have your order reference to hand as this information will be needed to submit a claim. Once your claim request has been received, orders will be verified and vouchers will be processed & sent to the email address supplied. Amazon voucher claims will take up to 30 days to process and will be emailed directly. No replacement vouchers will be sent in the event of an incorrect email address being supplied. This promotion is for a limited time only and can be removed at any time without warning.

£20 Amazon voucher available on DES-1210-28P whilst stocks last. Any DES-1210-28P purchased prior to 13/02/2018 will only be processed with the original promotion of a £10 Amazon voucher. £20 Amazon vouchers for the DES-1210-28P can be removed at any time or reduced to £10 without prior warning and is down to the discretion of Comms Express.