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APC Trade-UPS Promotion Banner


When a UPS battery dies, you are at a fork in the road. Do you simply replace the old battery with a new one, or should you trade up to a bigger, better UPS model? The right move depends on the equipment that the UPS is protecting. Have you upgraded computer equipment to more powerful models? Installed new AV components, including new flat-screen TVs? Enhanced phone system technology ? If so, chances are your old UPS cannot handle the larger load of these more powerful and sophisticated electronics and configurations. On the other hand, if your equipment hasn’t changed, it’s likely your current UPS can still provide proper protection and simply requires a new battery.

In either case, APC™ by Schneider Electric™ is ready to make your transition smooth, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.



With the APC Trade-UPS programme, you can trade in your old UPS, regardless of working condition or manufacturer, for the latest APC UPS technology at significant savings—up to 40%. APC will dispose of your old UPS in an ecologically responsible manner, at no cost to you. Comms Express and APC are offering the cost effective way to upgrade your UPS systems to a more robust brand-new unit. Extend the life of IT equipment and prevent costly downtime when systems fail with the newest APC UPS technology (available on units between 1.5-16.0KVa).

To make it as simple as possible, we accept any UPS regardless of working condition or manufacturer (Trade-UPS not available on UPS below 1.5KVa or above 16.0KVa) and offer you a generous discount on the latest APC UPS technology including APC accessories. You can trade in one or more UPS and take advantage of the latest energy efficient systems on the market.

Trade-UPS couldn’t be simpler. Simply fill in your requirements below along with contact details and one of our APC support specialists will call you back to discuss your discounts and arrange your Trade-UPS.


Terms & Conditions
  1. Free return shipping of Trade-In UPS and free proper ecological disposal.
  2. Trade-In UPS must be disconnected and ready for collection.
  3. Standard delivery option available only.
  4. Door to door delivery.
  5. Transporter is not responsible for positioning or bringing the shipment further into the building.
  6. If you require special delivery options please contact us.