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APC Data Center Infrastructure Management software (DCIM)

Kick Start your DCIM journey with APCTM by Schneider ElectricTM

StruxureWareTM for Data Centers Starter Pack

Four key reasons your customers need DCIM:
Lower Costs - With the wealth of information that DCIM offers, lowering costs is an attainable goal. Staff resources can focus on new projects rather than daily operations, and remote management tools can reduce on-site staffing requirements. DCIM also closely monitors power and cooling, reducing those costs substantially.
Prevent downtime - The biggest cause of downtime is human error. DCIM provides complete visibility on how the data centre is run which gives your
customer the information they need to make decisions whilst reducing risk.
Make informed decisions - DCIM also addresses common issues for IT operations, like where to locate new hardware or how to populate racks when changes are made.
Speed up infrastructure changes - Normally, every operations team has to build in extra time for deployment, testing, and certification of any changes or additions. This can take weeks, or even months, resulting in wasted project time. DCIM speeds up this process by modelling the changes in near-real time.
StruxureWare for Data Centers is a management software suite designed to collect and manage data about a data center's assets, resource use and operation status throughout the data center lifecycle. This information is then distributed, integrated, and applied in ways that help managers optimize the data center's performance and meet IT, business and service oriented goals. From IT assets to racks, rows, rooms and buildings, StruxureWare for Data Centers delivers the right information to the right users at the right time. Features: Up to 30% savings in capital and operational expenditure, including energy
Maximizes business performance
A holistic DCIM software suite managing all aspects of the data center
Leverages and optimizes the existing infrastructure
Provides robust, scalable and integrated software solutions
Created by people who build data centers daily

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