We are all looking for ‘fast, reliable Wi-Fi’, and it is especially essential for those running a small business. With employees using their mobile devices while at work may prove beneficial the added stress on your existing network set-up may prove problematic.

Thankfully our friends at HPE have the perfect solution.

Their HPE OfficeConnect OC20 Access Points is a business software system that targets single site businesses with under 100 users that were once the exclusive realm of the enterprise.

  • small retail, professional office (lawyer, doctor etc)
  • No IT staff

All traditional ‘pain points’ have been considered and you can can count on them!

  • Fast reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Simple and cost-effective solution
  • Secure network

HPE OfficeConnect OC20 Access Point offers small businesses a fast, simple and cost-effective Wi-Fi solution, with the huge bonus of being easy to set-up without the need for technical support employee. Using an initiative mobile app the Wi-Fi network can be up and running in minutes. Adding additional APs to an existing network is dead easy – new APs copy their configuration from the first AP allowing the user to centrally manage up to eight (yes you read it correctly – eight !) APs from the mobile app.

The OfficeConnect Smart Air software intelligently optimises your wireless coverage and connects users to the best AP negating the dreaded dead zones. We are increasingly mobile, so no problem there you can remotely monitor your network.

The OC20 also delivers great Gigabit speeds (average speeds 1.3Gbps) and reliable connectivity and its built-in website filtering ensures your network is protected from any online threats and block access to
malicious websites.

The OC20 also has the added peace of mind of a Lifetime Warranty, offering next business day hardware replacement shipment. Combine this of a wireless solution that is within all small businesses budgets and you have complete peace of mind.

To recap the Headline options:

  • Ready, set, connect, and grow – HPE OfficeConnect Wi-Fi for small business
  • Simple, Seamless, Secure Wi-Fi for Small Business
  • Easy to set-up. Easy to manage. Wi-Fi for small business.

Recent stats show that 69% of small businesses who invest in effect technology manage their cost better. So there has never been a better to boost your businesses efficiency. If you have any further questions or require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Until next time