Okay, we’ll hold our hands up: We love giving here at Comms Express!

Of course, a gift can come in many different guises, support, kind words. However, at Comms Express we like to give points – and what do points make? Prizes! Ah, classic British television!

Our points are Data Points. And Data Points make free gifts!

Every pound you spend on the Comms Express website, we reward Data Points. These are stored in your very own Comms Express piggy bank.

Once a certain number had been accumulated they can then be redeemed for the latest hi-tech gadgets such as iPads; Nintendo Wiis iPods, Xboxes or Amazon vouchers – easy! If you feel like extending the love, you can even use your points to donate to charity.

Double Data Points

If you have your eye on a particular free gift, there is a faster way to rack up points

Enter Double Data Points!

We have a whole host of amazing products that come with Double Data Points. Take a peek at our Double Data Points category to see which products are on offer.

Current Comms Express Data Points Gifts

The Comms Express free gifts are:

4GB MP4 player – 500 Data Points

Dance around the office with this great MP4 player. With enough room to hold around 30 hours of music, you’ll be singing away in no time.

Samsung Tablet – 7000 Data Points

A fast performance tablet with a dual-core processor. This Samsung tablet is perfect for browsing the web and answering emails on the go. With access to both the Samsung Video hub and Google app store, there’s also a plethora of multimedia.

Beats By Dre Headphones – 7000 Data Points

Great sounding headphones from one of the coolest brands around. These Beats by Dre headphones are perfect for long commutes and travel.

Apple Air Pods – 8000 Data Points

Apple’s latest headphones are small, discrete and perfect for anyone who wants to listen to music without being tangled in wires. Let’s face it; your server room is full of wires already. Who needs more?

Apple iPad Air – 18000 Data Points

10.5” retina display, super-fast graphics and 1080p camera. The Apple Air is a fabulous way to enjoy movies, games and general life admin.

iPad Mini 4 – 20500 Data Points

It may be Mini, but it’s mighty! The iPad Mini 4 is perfect for entertaining during commutes, taking notes in meetings or chilling out in the evenings.

Apple Watch Sport (Black or White) – 23000 Data Points

Love a gadget? So do we! Sync all your Apple product to your watch for easy organisation. Take phone calls, get calendar notifications and, of course, check the time.

Amazon Vouchers – Various Data Points

Need a gift for an office birthday? Want to treat yourself to something nice? Then the Amazon voucher option is for you. We have plenty of different redemption values so you can treat yourself whatever your Data Points budget.

Macmillan Donation– Various Data Points

Feeling like giving back? Donate your Data Points to charity. We have plenty of values available so you can give your points to a good cause.

Keep an eye out for your Data Points total in your Comms Express account. Visit out Data Points page for more information.