Now as you’ll be aware Comms Towers is situated in the fair county of Essex. So any piece about ‘jargon’ is very relevant when taking into account my fellow Essex person, we have our lingo down these parts, as every other county in the UK.

If you have ever spent time with anybody from the East End of London speaking Cockney rhyming slang it’s mind boggling hearing them speak, you are bamboozled and left in complete doubt as to what they mean. And yet increasingly we hear a new language, that of the ‘tech’! Tech jargon is the new kid on the block.

We of course are in constant contact with techie’s everyday and with the continued rise of Silicon Valley, the TV show of the same name and also Billons and the many, many tech hustlers we felt a prudent time to dip into the tech jargon to enlighten us all! Please be warned many of these new words do not actually mean anything rather we have a sneaky suspicion that they have been invented and even the conjuror speaking does not understand the modern parlance.

An easy one to begin with: ‘startup’: a company in the early stages of business development; be warned the startup phase for some tech companies can last many a long year.

This leads us onto early adopter: which of course is someone who starts using a product as soon as it becomes available . and lets everyone know about it.

You may well know a rockstar, this is the person who has taking the great name and work of the engineer and developer and devalued it to an awful cliché. A ‘growth hackeris someone with a belief, more often unfounded, who promises to grow your business.

A ‘digital prophet’ … yep, we are at a loss as to the meaning of this as well but a huge alarm should sound as they are always, always self-proclaimed.

A demagogue is someone who becomes a leader due to their skills as speaker, a product demagogueis someone who will sell you something at all cost, you may even get their grandparent thrown in. 

Got a pain pointin your business? Chances are you were not even aware that you did but a good entrepreneur will smell an opportunity to create a solution to your unknown pain point.  

With the EU referendum hitting the headlines both sides are at pains to tell us as to how they will deal with immigration. Well in tech terms we are all immigrants: either we were born before the widespread of the digital age and therefore less quick to pick up new technologies so we are deemed to be a ‘Digital Immigrant’ or we are a ‘Digital Native’ whereby we have been interacting with technology from childhood.    

In any other walk of life being ‘sticky’ is not an attribute you wish to foster however if you have a website, particularly a business website make it ‘sticky’ and your would be punters will stick around!  

So hopefully we have cut through some of the clutter and its probably best if you do not get jaded by the jargon or baffled by the buzzwords, a little bit of homework and youll be down with the tech!

Until next time.