Back in the day, the mere thought of the lights going out in our warehouse was enough to send us into a blind panic, potentially disrupting orders from being processed & dispatched. Whilst no sane modern day Warehouse Manager or Operative wishes to be plunged into darkness whilst attempting to fulfil orders, this inconvenience is almost of insignificance when compared to the much larger modern problem of intermittent Wi-Fi.

Today’s business owners of all trades heavily rely upon stable and enduring connectivity to ensure that day to day operations run as efficiently as possible. Whether that be order dispatches, stock takes or data migration, the technology required to manage these operations has to take full responsibility in carrying this vital information.

A business’s logistics strategy requires the support of a system that can perform real time data capture, retention and organisation. Dispatch or storage information is required to be up-to-date, accurate and easily accessible from authorised devices on a network.

Technology and Connectivity is vital to any business in this day & age and a growing business has to place complete faith in its technology for the immediate and distant future. If a Wi-Fi system isn’t on point and is causing network downtime this could result in orders being unfulfilled, important information or private data being targeted & intercepted by hackers.

Taking these potential threats into consideration, what steps can be taken to pre-empt and prevent these serious threats from occurring?

Location is a pivotal stand point. Your Wi-Fi Signal can be disrupted or even blocked by physical barriers. With this in mind, it is best practise to setup and position your Wi-Fi Access Points to your warehouse ceiling. In doing this, a robust, healthy WLAN Network can be established which will not only enable Wi-Fi in your central operations area but provide surrounding offices & spaces with strong signal strength.

TP-LINK EAP Business Class Access Points are quickly becoming the industries Wi-Fi access point of choice. Through the use of the free controller software, the system allows users to completely manage hundreds of EAP units at once in a single location, enabling visualisation of the entire Wi-Fi Network through authorised PC’s. The EAP employs RADIUS secure authentication in order to keep your network secure, whilst giving the option to allocate bandwidth across the board or to specifically chosen users dependant on requirements. In turn this all ensures that your security is handled with the up most of care with a Wi-Fi network that has short turnaround time of being setup, tested and launched.

With a vast range of products at your disposal to power these access point devices, we strongly recommend the TP-LINK POE TL-SG1008PE Switch. This switch comes with a generous POE allocation where there is plenty of power per port, enabling you to place the Access Points in their optimised positions as opposed to where you can access electrical cables.

With TP-LINK providing all these network solutions for connection, security and function, the vital questions are how will they work for you? How confident are you in your current network setup’s performance? If you believe it could be better or you know that your current business needs are not being met, then you should consider taking the no-obligation TP-LINK Site Survey. A TP-LINK engineer will come to your site, conduct a full network audit and provide a detailed summary of current networks strengths & opportunities to improve network performance and bring it in line with your business goals.

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