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The Wrong Kind of Snow

The Wrong Kind of Snow

"Snow is falling!" No, I'm not speaking of the Shakin Stevens song rather of the snow covering much of Britain, and sure to be covering the rest of Britain sooner rather than later. The snow of course will bring with it the ensuing chaos amidst reports that Britain has once again been brought to standstill.

It is at this time of year that the time honoured excuse of 'The Wrong Kind of Snow' is brushed off and used as a reason why the country has ground to a halt. First coined in 1991 by an unwitting British Rail operations manager and then picked up swiftly by the British media, this phrase is now the byword for all manner of lame excuses and certainly the cause for much mirth.

To wake to the view of a lovely blanket of white is intoxicating; the kids most certainly love it. Who can forget stomping into virgin snow? Schools out so let the fun begin! That first snowball fight on the way to school, gaining the upper-hand over unsuspecting chums as snowballs rain down on them - great days!

However parallel to the fun is the impending doom brought to the business community. Rails and roads unable to cope no matter how many gritters are out means that many of us cannot get to work. Yet lest we forget how much better off we are then our forefathers. Factories and offices across the country would be closed as too many of the workforce were unable to make their way in. The big freeze would indeed freeze the Great British output.

So a big round of applause for technology please. At the switch of a plug and a click of a mouse we can in 2013 just as easily log into our office and easily work remotely from the warmth, comfort and security of home. Of course nothing beats that sense of teamwork when the whole office is together yet when the need arises it is an absolute god send to know that colleagues can login into the company network.

Now with fibre optic cabling offering us super fast broadband services, the rise of tools such as Skype, various Cloud services and Google Messenger we can now work through difficult conditions and stay connected without seeing a dip in revenues, which of course is more important than ever in these financially difficult times.

So does this mean an end to the 'Wrong Kind of Snow'? I won't be mourning the loss of that troublesome wrong snow!

About Steve Wilkin

Steve is the founder and Managing Director of Comms Express, he doesn't look old enough (he told us to put that) but has been in the Networking Industry for 24 years and counting. In that time he has seen the humble Network become one of the most crucial tools that any modern business has (just imagine your company without one).

He's a family man with a wife and two young Daughters to keep him in line, also he's an avid Spurs supporter (well no one's perfect).

You can follow Steve on Google+