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Straight up, in a tall glass, no ice - a heavy measure of ‘Nothing’. That’s what I wanted for the weekend, a huge dose of unadulterated nothing.  I forbade any form of mixer; I wanted the richness of the nothing to cascade over me. That summed up my weekend and sometimes a weekend of just nothingness is just what’s needed.

I know that the school of thought is we should be active but after a week of rushing around; even when seated I was rushing around, a strange phenomenon whereby your legs are firmly planted underneath your desk yet you feel weary at the end of the day, I just needed a heavy measure of ‘Nothing’.

I have to say come Sunday night I had the distinct feeling that maybe I’d over done my exploration of nothing. In short I’d overdosed. Yet the upshot was I arrived at my desk this morning feeling energised and raring to go. Let the week begin!

What my weekend of nothing, some would say idleness, did highlight is that we as a nation are not adept at the whole siesta mindset. I know some of the, shall we say slightly to the ‘right’ of centre press would have you believe that the nation is made up of slackers yet for me that isn’t the case. Come the weekend there is a huge guilt attachment if we sit down and pick up a book and while away an hour or two, yet on holiday we luxuriate in doing nothing.  However back safely ensconced in our own homes there always appears to be a fence to creosote, a lawn to cut, and a picture to hang, or shopping to be brought; the list would appear to be endless.

I think that it’s of high importance to just take some time for oneself. We British need to claim a few hours to just recharge the batteries.  Today’s workplace demands so much from us, gone are the days when we clocked in and then clocked off leaving work behind us. Work can be all consuming. However I’m not sure that is healthy. Yes, we need to bring our ‘A’ game to the work place, yet is it acceptable that a workforce also take home their work? Do we and can we expect them to come in the following day refreshed and on their mettle if they’ve been fretting about work at home, particularly when in many cases there are no mitigating reasons why they should; can anything be achieved? If the answer is no, then I’d prefer for my team to arrive fresh and ready to work and then leave and recharge ready to arrive back into Comms eager to achieve.

With the internet we live in a world of 24 hour consumerism, hardly do we need to step outside of the front door to experience life. Now of course Comms is part of that world and I follow understand and agree to the
principle of customer service. There is no middle ground here. The customer is the key to our continued success. Yet for us to achieve the high standards we’ve set ourselves I fully believe that we as a team take time away from Comms Express to explore other interests so that upon our return we’re on top form.

That said maybe, just maybe, my weekend of nothing took this to the extreme!

Until next time
About Steve Wilkin

Steve is the founder and Managing Director of Comms Express, he doesn't look old enough (he told us to put that) but has been in the Networking Industry for 24 years and counting. In that time he has seen the humble Network become one of the most crucial tools that any modern business has (just imagine your company without one).

He's a family man with a wife and two young Daughters to keep him in line, also he's an avid Spurs supporter (well no one's perfect).

You can follow Steve on Google+