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Comms Express: Netgear


Even if you are not aware of the name Netgear, you probably benefit from some of the many networking devices it provides to homes and businesses around the world.

Formed in 1996 by Bay Networks specifically to cater for home and business networking, the company became part of Nortel in 1998 before going independent in 2002.

In less than 20 years, it has established itself as a major player in the networking industry, selling its products around the world. As well as using traditional stores, it sells its products online, through wholesale distributors, resellers and broadband providers. Renowned as an innovative company that’s always at the forefront of the latest technological advances, Netgear is well established in homes and businesses around the world.

On the home front, Netgear offers the latest networking technology that makes using your tablets, laptops and other devices easy. Whether it be streaming a film, using your smartphone or connecting up all your devices through one system, Netgear has a range of products that can help. Their ultimate aim is to make your online experience seamless.

Similarly for businesses, Netgear aims to provide a similarly smooth experience in the workplace. Having confidence in your network is vital for all businesses, whether they be small companies or multi-national corporations. Netgear offers that confidence with its range of networking and storage solutions backed up with secure systems but without a big IT cost. Whatever the scale or complexity of the network you want to run, you'll find Netgear's range of products are great value for money and won't let you down.

Netgear also provide networking systems for service providers. It offers peace of mind that customers will stay connected whether you provide for homes or businesses. Join forces with Netgear and you'll be confident that whatever your customers is after, Netgear can provide a solution for.

Comms Express has worked with Netgear for eight years and it is certainly an association we are rightly proud of. Myself and the Comms team have always found them great to do business with. And in keeping with their products, whether they be for home or business use, wired or wireless you are always sure of the highest quality.

Among the range of products Netgear offer are: ProSafe switches for business networking; network appliances such as managed switches, VPN firewalls; security appliances with their ProSecure products; Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices in the ReadyNAS range available to private customers and businesses.  Their latest range of NAS products is Stora, which combines ease of use and installation as well as impressive backup and storage functions.

Comms Express is proud of its continued relationship with Netgear and stocks a wide range of its products. Find out more at Comms Express - Netgear

About Steve Wilkin

Steve is the founder and Managing Director of Comms Express, he doesn't look old enough (he told us to put that) but has been in the Networking Industry for 24 years and counting. In that time he has seen the humble Network become one of the most crucial tools that any modern business has (just imagine your company without one).

He's a family man with a wife and two young Daughters to keep him in line, also he's an avid Spurs supporter (well no one's perfect).

You can follow Steve on Google+